What Is an ATV Cover?

Dan Cavallari

An ATV cover is a specially designed piece of material that fits over an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in order to protect it from the elements, conceal it from animals, or protect it from theft. This piece of material is usually made from synthetic fibers such as polyester; such materials tend to be resistant to water and quick-drying, making them ideal choices for protective applications. Most ATV cover models are packable and easily stored so they can be transported with the ATV to remote locations if necessary.

A UTV, or utility task vehicle, looks like a golf cart, but is more rugged and can carry heavier loads.
A UTV, or utility task vehicle, looks like a golf cart, but is more rugged and can carry heavier loads.

The bottom hem of the ATV cover will usually feature elastic for a snug fit around the vehicle, though some covers feature a drawstring instead to securethe ATV cover down over the vehicle. Either way, the cover must be cinched tightly to prevent it from flying off in high wind or shifting when in use. Some models even feature straps that can be secured together and locked for added security. The low elastic or straps will allow the user to completely cover the ATV all the way down to the bottom of the tires, though the lowest point of the tires may still be slightly exposed.

Various styles of ATVs exist, which means several different sizes of ATV cover models will be available for purchase. Most ATVs will fit underneath a medium sized cover, though others — such as UTVs, or utility task vehicles — may need larger covers so the longer vehicle with a high roof can be covered completely. Larger covers will be more expensive as well as heavier, but the price and weight difference may not be very vast. Many covers will be sold with a carrying bag or case so the cover can be folded or rolled up and stored during transport.

The color of the ATV cover can vary as well. Hunters generally prefer colors such as olive drab or camo so the ATV can be concealed from animals during a hunting excursion. White camo is appropriate for snowy settings, and brown camo is available for desert landscapes. Other colors are available as well for the ATV owner storing the vehicle in a garage or driveway. Some companies make cover with the business's brand name emblazoned on the cover; sometimes these covers are included with the purchase of the vehicle, providing the company with a free source of advertising and the purchaser with an added bonus included with the purchase.

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