What is an Attic Crawl Space?

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An attic crawl space is an area on the top level of a house that is not tall enough to be used as a living area and is often unfinished. As a great deal of heat can escape through the attic of a house, it is common for this area to be insulated. This can keep the house warmer and can also cut down on heating costs. As the space is rarely suitable to be used as a bedroom, den, or office, it is most common for people to use it for storage.

In some rare cases, the term attic crawl space refers to a section of an enclosed section of an attic with a low ceiling that is situated within a larger, more habitable attic space. A person who has turned his attic into an office or a guest room, for example, might still have a crawl space if one section of the attic was too low to be used for living purposes. In this case, the area may have been intentionally carved out of the larger space that was turned into a finished room so that the homeowner could reserve a space for storage.


A craw space is often one of the most difficult spaces in the house to access, and it is also generally in the farthest regions of the house. Homeowners should make sure that this space is protected from the elements, however, because if it is not properly sealed and the environment within the space is not properly maintained, it may become prone to mold and pests. If this happens, the items that are stored within it may become damaged.

While an attic crawl space should be properly sealed against exterior elements, it is best for homeowners to also make sure that the space is properly ventilated. One of the best ways to do this is to install one or more vents that allow air to flow between the crawl space and other areas of the house. This allows the air in the space to be regulated along with the air in the rest of the house, which can help to prevent rot and mold.


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