What is an Assistant Regional Manager?

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An assistant regional manager has some of the responsibilities of the regional manger, but not all. He or she may be responsible for a specific area, business process, or group of staff. The primary role of this position is to manage the daily operational issues on behalf of the regional manager.

The assistant regional manager is typically promoted from within the organization, as this position is often considered a stepping stone to become the regional manager. Interpersonal and conflict resolution skills are essential in this role. This type of position involves direct interaction with a wide range of people, including clients and staff.

The training required to become an assistant regional manager varies greatly by industry. Typically, most employers require the successful completion of a two- to three-year post-secondary education program. There is no program for regional manager; instead, candidates can have degrees or diplomas in management, administration, business, or a related field.


An assistant regional manager reports directly to the regional manager. He or she typically has 10 to 15 staff members to supervise. This team is often comprised of a combination of sales, administrative, and support staff. Performing as a self-contained unit, the team can be evaluated based on volume of activity and total sales. In many performance-based pay environments, the whole team is rewarded for the overall performance. This type of compensation model encourages teamwork, participation, and group focus. It also encourages staff to monitor each other, rather than waiting for the manager to identify and resolve performance issues.

The work experience required to become an assistant regional manager includes several different roles in the organization. Many people start in sales, and then move to administration. Experience in both areas is required to be successful in this role. Experience in sales or client services brings insight into the challenges of the role, while administrative experience will increase understanding of business operations.

All assistant regional managers must have excellent computer skills. He or she will be required to work with a range of computer programs, reporting activity to the head office, coordinating projects, and communicating with the team. Many people find additional skills in time management, business writing, and presentations can also be very helpful.

The actual level of responsibility the assistant manager holds varies by organization. Some large firms allow managers greater control and independence than others. The best way to get more responsibility is to have consistent, excellent performance.


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