What is an Assistant Coordinator?

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An assistant coordinator is a person who works directly under a head coordinator, manager, or supervisor in the planning of business events or projects. He will generally have an active role in the planning process, working directly with other team members, vendors, and subcontractors as needed. In some cases, multiple assistant coordinators will work side by side to ensure proper implementation of plans and strategies.

Many companies have an assistant coordinator for every department of the business. Each of these people work independently in their departments to meet goals and plan new projects and events within that area. They must also work as a team to ensure that all departments are working toward a common purpose. For example, there may be assistant coordinators working in the marketing, sales, and product development sections of a company. Each has his or her own job, but they must come together to design, market, and sell products to consumers.

In some cases, the assistant coordinator will direct or lead others. He may hold meetings with team members within the department or with the heads of various departments in order to discuss upcoming projects and company agendas. Each department head or assistant will answer to the assistant coordinator, while he must report back to the lead coordinator or manager.


Some assistant coordinators are responsible for planning corporate events, or in the case of a non-profit or school, fundraisers or networking events. This requires that he or she work with the lead coordinator to hire vendors and subcontractors, or to prepare décor, food, and event itineraries. There many be an entire department dedicated to company or organization events, or the assistant coordinator of the entire company may take on this role as needed.

Nearly any industry or company may have needs for an assistant coordinator. These needs may be ongoing or occasional, depending on the circumstances. Although rewarding, this can be a stressful career with a lot of responsibility for planning and implementing projects in various stages of a production.

The job of assistant coordinator requires organization and the ability to work alone as well as with others. Most professionals in this field have a four-year college degree or higher, although in some industries a college education may not be required if one has worked with a company long enough. Degrees in management, business, or a field related to a specific department may be helpful in finding employment.


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Post 2

Assistant coordinators are always in demand as businesses are often in need of someone to help them with events, and make sure there day to day projects are finished. Often coordinators are too busy, so they will hand out there work to assistants.

The salary for an assistant coordinator is in the $30,000USD -$40,000USD range, depending on experience and education.

For an assistant coordinator to be successful they need to maintain numerous contacts in their industry and make sure that all of their tasks are completed on time and on budget.

I think if you really want a job that demands a lot from you, being an assistant coordinator could be very rewarding.

Post 1

As assistant coordinator can be a great job if you love to organize and don't mind being under constant pressure. I think that these professionals help to keep many businesses on task and help them to focus on a collective goal.

Amazing communication skills come in handy for this kind of work and having some good computer skills to back that up is also a must. Also, as you are often dealing with numerous people from day to day, the ability to make sure everyone feels like you are helping just them is paramount to success. I think this is one of those jobs where being a master multi-tasker is vital.

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