What Is an Apricot Fizz?

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An apricot fizz is a light, refreshing fruit drink. Perfect for a spring or summer supper, it is a basic sipping drink that can be jazzed up with many different additions. An apricot fizz can be made with or without alcohol, making it a delightfully zesty drink for all ages.

The basic non-alcoholic apricot fizz is made with apricot juice or nectar, a carbonated beverage, and a splash of lemon juice. Apricots may be juiced from whole, fresh fruit, or can be purchased as a bottled juice or nectar. If buying bottled juice, try to find 100% juice drinks with few additives for the most authentic, real apricot flavor. To give the drink a carbonated fizz, use plain soda water, ginger ale, or lemon lime soda. Add the apricot and lemon juice to a glass filled with ice, then top up with the seltzer or soda.

There are several different ways to make an alcoholic apricot fizz. Many recipes call for the substitution of apricot juice with apricot brandy, a heady spirit found in most liquor stores. Using this method, a single drink usually has three or four parts seltzer to one part brandy. An apricot fizz using brandy can taste wonderful with a spritz of lemon or lime juice and a lemon wedge garnish. Brandy-based fizzes are usually served in a small old-fashioned glass with a generous heap of ice.


For a more elegant cocktail, stick with apricot juice and replace the sparkling water or soda with champagne, prosecco, or other sparkling wines. Instead of serving in an old-fashioned glass, chill the juice thoroughly, pour into a champagne flute, and allow the sparkling spirit to bubble through the glass. Some versions call for a small splash of vodka in addition to the lemon juice. Dress up the drink even farther by dropping a preserved apricot half in the bottom of the glass.

Variations on the apricot fizz are nearly endless. Substitute plain apricot juice with apricot-mango, apricot-peach, or apricot-plum juice for a rainbow of colors and subtle hints of new flavors. Add mint and fresh blackberries to the glass or pitcher to make a perfect summer cocktail. Add a scoop of freshly made apricot sorbet to the glass instead of ice, creating a frothy, creamy confection.

If serving an apricot fizz to a crowd, keep the juices separate from the fizzing element until the last moment. This will help the soda or sparkling wine stay fizzy, and prevent the flavors from over-mixing. If adding mint or other fruit juices to the apricot component, consider combining these elements the night before, allowing them to steep. Be sure to keep extra ice on hand; an apricot fizz should never be served warm.


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