What is an Appliance Garage?

Nadia Miller

An appliance garage is a place to store kitchen appliances so that they are hidden from sight on a kitchen counter. The appliance garage can be either a built-in cabinet or a tucked away portion of a counter top that can house several appliances. Getting commonly used appliances out of sight is one way to help organize a kitchen.

Appliance garages typically store smaller devices that are used infrequently.
Appliance garages typically store smaller devices that are used infrequently.

Kitchen appliances and tools have become more advanced and job specific to the point where there is a tool for just about every activity. While this can make kitchen work easier and less time consuming, finding a place to store the appliances can be a challenge. There can also be a tendency to use an appliance once and then store it away, forgetting that it's even there. An appliance garage can help keep appliances within reach and ready for use at any time. Making an appliance more accessible can help ensure that it gets used more often.

Appliance garages may be used to store microwave ovens out of sight.
Appliance garages may be used to store microwave ovens out of sight.

There are several types of appliance garages. Some are tucked in the corner of cabinets in a space that is somewhat unusable, while others are located directly under the top kitchen cabinets. Another way to house an appliance garage is in a large pull-out drawer. The style of the door will depend on the style of the kitchen and where the garage is located. If built into the cabinetry, the door will most likely match and be indistinguishable, but some will have roll-up doors that complement the cabinet color.

Most appliance garages have power outlets nearby or within the area. They will generally also have enough room for a person to use the appliance without having to move it too much. Typical items stored in an appliance garage include blenders, coffee makers, and toasters. They are usually items that get used often enough to warrant a space on the counter, but don't necessarily need to be on display at all times. Hiding them away can help reduce clutter and free up valuable counter space.

An appliance garage isn't only for a high-end kitchen. It can be created simply by designating a space and then creating an enclosure. It doesn't have to be part of the original kitchen cabinetry design. By using wood to match or complement the existing cabinets and then adding a door, a home-made appliance garage can look as good as one that was part of the original kitchen design.

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I have a big Kitchen-Aid mixer and the kind of appliance garage I'd like to have is the kind of shelf that the mixer would sit on and I'd lift the whole shelf out of a cabinet, rather than having that large objet d'art on my counter, or schlepping it from a cabinet to the counter top.

Kitchen Aid offers every other attachment under the sun for their mixers. Why don't they offer a Kitchen Aid brand shelf that installs easily? Even better would be a motorized one. Wishful thinking, I suppose, but if I had a shelf for that big mixer, I wouldn't need an appliance garage on my counter top!


I'd love to have an appliance garage! Right now, believe it or not, my appliances stay on the floor next to the cabinets. I don't have much counter space, and an appliance garage would be a godsend!

I could keep my hand mixer, food processor, rice cooker and blender there, out of sight, but easy to hand when I needed it. My stand mixer stays on the counter all the time. It's too darn big to put anywhere else.

I'd like the kind that's on the counter top, built in to the wall, with a rolling door on it. I will probably never have one, but I can dream!

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