What is an Apple Wedger?

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An apple wedger is a kitchen gadget which simultaneously cores an apple and cuts it into a set number of equal segments. For people who work with apples a great deal, an apple wedger is a useful investment, as it will save a lot of time. Parents like to use apple wedgers to prepare lunches for their children, and professional chefs often use them to cut down on preparation time for dishes involving a lot of apples. Many kitchen supply stores carry apple wedgers in an assortment of sizes and designs.

A very basic apple wedger is designed to be pushed onto an apple. A central cylinder will remove the core of the apple, while a series of radiating blades cuts through the flesh of the apple. In most cases, an apple wedger will not peel an apple, as this requires a radically different motion. A variation on the design is meant to be bolted onto a countertop, so that apples can be pushed onto the apple wedger.

It is also possible to purchase a kitchen device which will core and peel apples, but generally will not segment them. In both cases, the core of the apple serves as an anchor for the cutting mechanism, whether the apple is being segmented or peeled. One could always run an apple through a wedger after using an apple corer, if the apple needed to be peeled and wedged.


Pit fruits are not suitable for use with an apple wedger because of the irregularly shaped pit. However, pears can be used in an apple wedger with ease. After it is sliced, the apple slices can be eaten as they are, or sliced even smaller with the assistance of a sharp kitchen knife. An apple wedger can be useful when making pies, fruit salad, apple sauce, and other apple- or pear-heavy dishes. Young children should not be allowed to use an apple wedger, because of the sharp blades, and it is also a good idea to keep an apple wedger in a location other than a drawer, so that you do not cut yourself looking for it.

After apples have been cut, they tend to oxidize and turn brown. The color is unappetizing, and sometimes the brown section feels more mushy and watery than the rest of the apple. You can avoid this by squeezing lemon, lime, or another type of citrus juice onto apples after cutting them. The ascorbic acid in the citrus fruit will slow the rate of enzymatic oxidation which turns apples brown, and this technique will also work on other fruits.


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Post 3

I bought a Pampered Chef apple peeler, corer and slicer at a party years ago and just love it. It makes the job of cutting up apples so much quicker. If I am just going to be cutting up a few apples, I use my hand held corer, but for big jobs, this gadget comes in very handy.

I also tried using it one year at Thanksgiving for peeling and slicing potatoes, but it did not work very well. It works best when using a round shape like an apple. The oblong shape of the potatoes just didn't work like I hoped it would.

Post 2

Whenever I use my apple peeler corer to slice up apples and am not going to be using them right away, I just sprinkle some lemon juice on them. This keeps them from turning brown. When the apples are brown, it doesn't change the taste, but is not nearly as appealing.

It doesn't take long at all for the apples to begin this oxidation, so if I am going to be using them in a salad, I always use a little lemon juice. This also gives the salad an extra kick.

If I am using the apples in baked goods, it is not as important because once the apples are cooked and mixed in with other ingredients it is not as noticeable.

Post 1

When you have kids around an apple wedger comes in very handy. It can be hard for kids to pick up a whole apple and eat it, so having the apple cut in to smaller pieces makes good sense.

A good apple cutter makes this job quick and easy. Another advantage to this, is it is easy for dipping. One of our favorite snacks is apple wedges and peanut butter. Caramel is also good once in awhile for a sweet treat, but peanut butter is much better for them.

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