What Is an Apple Martini?

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An apple martini, also commonly called an appletini, is an alcoholic cocktail typically made by combining vodka, apple schnapps, and apple juice. Variations of the recipe may call for apple cider, apple-flavored vodka, concentrated apple syrup, or apple brandy. An appletini is usually chilled over ice and then strained into a glass. It is usually also served in a chilled martini glass. While not as popular, some people prefer to drink an apple martini over ice as opposed to strained. The drink can be garnished with a thin apple slice or a maraschino cherry.

Vodka is a main component of an apple martini. This drink has a high alcohol content, although the sweet apple flavor tends to cover its strong alcoholic taste. It is recommended that a quality vodka be used when making an appletini. For an enhanced apple flavor, an apple-infused vodka may be used in the recipe instead of plain vodka.

Sour apple schnapps is an apple-flavored liqueur that gives an appletini a strong fruit taste, as well as its distinct green color. While this schnapps is found in most appletini recipes, some may call for the use of apple brandy. The ratio of schnapps or brandy to vodka is usually one to one. Apple juice, apple cider, or concentrated apple syrup are also commonly used when making this cocktail.


To make an apple martini, the ingredients are typically measured and then added to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. It should be covered with its lid, shaken for at least 10 seconds, and then strained into a martini glass, taking care to not let ice fall into the drink. For best results, the martini glass should be chilled before use, to keep the beverage cold. To do this, the glass may be kept in a freezer before use. An appletini on the rocks can also be made by straining the beverage into a glass filled with ice.

An apple martini can be garnished with apples or a maraschino cherry. The cherry can be dropped into the glass, where it will sink to the bottom and provide a bright red contrast in the green drink. A green apple may be sliced thinly, and this can either be floated on top of each drink or attached to the side of the glass. For extra sweetness, a bartender may rim the martini glass in sugar, or drizzle caramel on the glass to make a caramel apple martini.


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Post 2

@Melonlity -- I do believe you are right about the target audience, but it is undeniable that plenty of men enjoy these. They might not be as "manly" as a traditional martini, but they can pack a wallop and taste pretty darn good, to boot.

One thing that has been intriguing is the slew of apple martini recipes that are out there. This drink is a hit (to say the least) and plenty of bars and bartenders want to put their signature "twist" on the drink.

In that way, it is kind of like a traditional martini in that no two bars seem to make them exactly the same way.

Post 1

This might sound a bit sexist (I hope not!), but the apple martini has developed a reputation for being a drink primarily for women. It is viewed in some circles as an alternative to the considerably more harsh traditional martini.

That is not to say there aren't plenty of men who enjoy apple martinis, but males do not appear to be the target audience.

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