What is an Apple Corer?

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An apple corer is a kitchen tool which is designed to remove the seeded core of fruits like apples and pears. There are a number of variations on the basic apple corer design, including apple wedgers. Most kitchen supply stores carry apple corers, and they can also be ordered. When seeking out an apple corer to buy, look for a sturdy model made from thick stainless steel with an easy to grip handle. A well designed apple corer will make kitchen work with seeded fruits much easier.

In a standalone apple corer, the design includes a cylinder which is sharpened on one end and a handle. The cylinder is placed over the center of the fruit while the user pushes down on the handle, forcing the cylinder through the fruit. When removed, the apple corer takes the core of the fruit with it, leaving the edible parts of the fruit behind. Whole cored fruit can be used as they are to make sweet desserts stuffed with pie filling, or they can be further prepared for pies, applesauce, and other dishes.


When an apple corer is also designed to section the fruit, pushing the device into the fruit also pushes a series of blades through the flesh of the fruit to cut it into equal sections. An apple corer which also slices fruit is useful for packing lunches and making fruit salad without having to handle the fruit excessively. When you have sliced fruit for consumption later, you may want to consider sprinkling it with citrus juice to keep it fresh.

People who work with apples a great deal may find it useful to purchase an apple corer which also has peeler and slicer options. This type of kitchen device usually bolts to a counter. The apple is mounted onto the corer, and the cook turns a handle to rotate the apple past a peeling blade. As the apple is peeled, another blade cuts the apple into a spiral of thin slices. When the apple is taken out of the device, the slices be further sectioned with a sharp knife for cooking or dehydrating.

While an apple corer is not necessarily a vitally necessary kitchen tool, it can be extremely useful, especially during canning season. Experimentation with an apple corer can also demonstrate how useful it is on other fruits such as pears and tomatoes. Like all kitchen tools with a blade, an apple corer should be stored out of the reach of children and in a safe area, so that people will not inadvertently cut themselves while looking for utensils in the kitchen.


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Post 2

When purchasing an apple corer, it is a good idea to get one that is sturdy and has good hand grips on each side.

I bought my first apple slicer when I was in college, and it was the cheapest one I could find. It was not durable or sturdy. It is better to spend a few dollars more and buy one that will hold up well and last a long time.

Post 1

A good apple corer should be long enough to remove the core from a large apple, sharp enough to cut through a firm apple, and have a good grip, so when your hands get all wet from the juice of the apple it will not slide out of your hand.

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