What is an Anti-Glare Film?

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Anti-glare film is a thin sheet of transparent plastic that is overlaid on a monitor or screen to reduce the glare. Glare is caused by a reflection of light on the surface of the monitor. There are two possible ways to reduce monitor glare: reposition the monitor so that the light source is behind it or apply anti-glare film.

If you want to reduce glare without applying a film, move the monitor to a position that is not directly below an overhead lighting source. Check that the monitor is not facing towards a window. If your monitor is facing a window, there is a good chance that the sun will reflect off the monitor and cause sun glare.

Anti-glare film can be made from several different materials, ranging from thin plastic to a liquid crystal filter. Different materials provide varying degrees of light absorption. The quality of the results is directly related to the quality of the materials used.

To apply anti-glare film to your monitor, first clean the monitor with an anti-static glass cleaner. Peel the protective paper cover off the film and apply it to the monitor. Start in the top left corner and smooth the plastic against the monitor carefully to avoid trapping air between the monitor and the film. Use the smoothing tool provided with the film to press it against the monitor. Remove and reapply as needed to remove any bubbles that appear under the plastic.


If the bubble cannot be eliminated, pull the anti-glare film off completely and start again. When selecting a film, compare the refractive index of the product. This value indicates the amount of the light that the film will allow through.

Once the anti-glare film is applied to the monitor, do not attempt to clean it with an ammonium based window cleaner, as it will scratch the film. Brush the dust off with a dust cloth, and then use a clean cloth and soapy water to clean the surface. If you try to reposition the anti-glare film after a period of usage, the film will rip and you will have to reapply a new film.

Anti-glare film has increased in popularity as extended computer usage becomes part of our daily lives. Glare from a monitor causes headaches, eye strain and decreases work productivity. Talk with your employer about simple ways to reduce the glare off the monitor. Simply solutions are available to improve your long term health and productivity.


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What is the difference between glare and reflection?

Post 2

I recently read that total time of computer exposure to monitor light and or glare is directly proportional to degrees of increased depression.

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Great article and great web site!

Since I spend a long time in front of my PC I intend to make it as "healthy" as possible by getting a good new desk chair, anti-glare film and/or computer glasses.

Now I just need to look for some exercises that one can and should do during prolonged periods in front of the PC.

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