What Is an Angle Guide?

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An angle guide is either a measurement tool or a physical guide that enables the right position for several purposes. It can be used to find the best angle at which to sharpen tools, such as knives. Other types may also help to properly position a drill bit.

The drill bit angle guide is a sturdy metal piece into which the front of the drill is inserted. This enables the user to correctly position the tool and keep it in place while it is being used. Drill angle guides can be secured to the drill surface with anchoring pins in order to provide additional security.

Angle guides for drills can be found in larger machinery as well. Much like the handheld model, they keep the drill bit in the proper position. Rather than being used with a manual tool, they are a part of a larger piece of machinery.

Another common type of angle guide is used for positioning knives. This helps the user to find and maintain the correct angle while sharpening a blade. The simplest guide of this type is a small metal vise that is often held in place with a few screws. There is also a guide which is mounted on a small stand and on which a rod is mounted. The rod is used to further guide the blade into the correct place.


Some angle guides simply provide guidance, without securing the knife. For example, a small wedge of wood set on the cutting surface can help to properly position a blade. Any other material can be used in the same fashion, as long as it is sturdy and can be placed flat on the surface to be cut.

Another type of angle guide is a measure tool which is used to find the right angle for cutting or other similar tasks. This tool is a semi-circle with markings for measurement around the edge. It looks like a protractor without the center portion removed. Sometimes this tool can be used only to measure, while other models have both a clamp for guiding the item and the ruler markings.

There are also angle guides which physically show different angles for sharpening. These are typically made out of a small piece of flat metal, with several holes of varying size. In order to find the correct angle, the user places the knife or bit in different holes and examines the angle.


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