What Is an Anger Scale?

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An anger scale is an assessment, used for clinical research or private use, that measures a person's anger. An anger scale may include clinical assessment tools, such as software programs that can help psychologists treat those with psychological or behavioral problems. Tools may also include guidebooks designed for managing anger in children, teenagers, and adults.

It is common for an anger scale to include a test with a series of questions. The answers provided by the person taking the evaluation test may help experts pinpoint the causes of anger. This method often helps diagnose anger disorders. The anger scale will include a personalized profile of the individual that will include his name, age, and gender.

In addition, an anger scale may include a graph. The graph or chart indicates anger levels relating to various factors, such as physical or passive aggression and resentfulness. The scale is generally measured by percentiles, and will show an overall score of anger.

Included in an anger scale will be guidelines to interpret each percentile. For example, a percentile score of 60 may indicate no anger pathology, while a score of 85 may indicate moderate to severe anger pathology. Elevated scores of 70 or higher could indicate unhealthy anger that may require participation in an anger management program.

Some anger scales also include something commonly referred to as a pie graph. This drawing resembles a pie, divided into colored sections. The pie graph illustrates the percentiles of each response given by the individual.

Testing anger online is another option some individuals choose. While this is not designed as a substitute for professional testing, it can measure anger levels or help identify possible anger issues. In addition, anger management worksheets and tests may be downloaded online.

Some anger management worksheets are basic and others cover a specific topic. The in-depth scales are often referred to as advanced management worksheets. Many of these tests are free of charge, while others require a nominal fee. Online anger tests are primarily designed for adolescents and adults. Anger scales for children are typically recommended by pediatricians or child psychologists.

In some cases, an anger expression scale may be too complicated for a lay person to interpret accurately. In such a case, it is recommended to let an expert evaluate an anger scale. An appropriate course of action for treating anger issues can be determined by a professional.

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