What is an Anchor Block?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Anchor blocks are a type of blocks that are used in many different types of construction. The block is usually intended to provide some type of means of fastening other materials together while still preserving the overall integrity of the construction. The anchor block may or may not be composed of the same materials used in the rest of the construction, depending on the reason for the installation of the block.

Anchor blocks are a type of blocks that are used in many different types of construction.
Anchor blocks are a type of blocks that are used in many different types of construction.

When properly installed, an anchor block makes it possible to create a bond between various design elements within a construction project. This is accomplished without actually weakening any of the materials used in the design. The end result is the ability to successfully affix the materials in a manner that actually lend additional strength to the structure in ways that would be difficult to accomplish using other methods.

One of the more common examples of an anchor block is in the use of a brick or concrete wall. In this instance, the block is normally composed of wood. The idea is to integrate the block into the overall brick or concrete body of the wall so that nails or some type of fastening device can be attach to the wall with relative ease. This approach makes it possible to attached wooden beams to a wall of this type and provide ample support while still maintaining the integrity of that brick or concrete wall. As a strategy in the construction of buildings both residential and commercial, this use of the anchor block has been common for centuries.

An anchor block may also be composed of other materials, including steel or aluminum. When this is the case, the application usually involves welding of some type. Elements such as bearing bars are welded to the block, which has been inserted into a space with the exact same dimensions as the block, creating a tight fit. This approach can be used to strengthen retaining walls or even in positioning grating panels within the structure.

While effective, the anchor block may or may not be used in a particular construction project. Over time, other methods of securely fastening materials to a surface have come into being, making this particular strategy unnecessary in a number of situations. At the same time, the anchor block remains a proven method that is very useful in many different types of construction projects, and is likely to remain in use for many years to come.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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