What is an Anavar&Reg; Cycle?

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An Anavar® cycle refers to the period of time that a person uses an anabolic steroid to gain muscle strength and definition. In addition to the use of steroids, a cycle usually includes following a strict diet high in protein and intensive weight training. Persons who begin an Anavar® cycle are serious about fitness and generally have been training for at least two years before beginning the cycle. Steroids are considered dangerous when used improperly and are illegal to purchase in the United States and many other countries without a prescription from a physician.

Anabolic steroids — such as Anavar®, which is also known as oxandrolone or Oxandrin® — are manmade substances designed to act like testosterone in the body. In the fitness field, Anavar® is known as a fat-burning steroid, and some users experience a reduction of fat around the trunk of the body. The drug is more popular with women than men because it does not cause excessive weight gain or bulk like other forms of steroids do. Anavar® is made in the form of a liquid or pill, because injecting steroids directly into the vein can create a deadly reaction or damage blood vessels.


An Anavar® cycle typically is 12 weeks long followed by a recommended 12-week period of rest. The cycle is broken into levels, from beginning to advanced. During the cycle, the user follows a carefully planned fitness regimen while taking various doses of the steroid. The dosage progresses at the beginning of the cycle and gradually tapers off near the end. If cycles are not repeated periodically, the benefits temporarily received by the use of the drug will diminish eventually.

Dosages of Anavar® during the cycle vary, depending on the fitness level and the results desired. The recommended dosage for men on an Anavar® cycle usually is much higher than it is for women. Individuals are discouraged from determining which dosage is correct without the advice of a physician, and people younger than 18 years old should not use steroids at all.

The side effects of using steroids for toning and muscle definition might outweigh the benefits of an Anavar® cycle. Many male users experience rage, acne, fast hair loss, breast growth, shrinking testicles and reduced sperm counts that can lead to infertility. Women who use Anavar® or other steroids experience a growth in facial or body hair, baldness, shrinking breasts, an enlarged clitoris and a disruption of the menstrual cycle. The effects can be life-threatening for both male and female users, because steroids can cause liver damage, harm the heart or lead to kidney failure, and adolescents using steroids can find their growth rate adversely affected.


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With all the hubbub over steroids in the past couple of decades, how many legitimate physicians still prescribe them and advise patients to stick with Anavar cycles? It seems steroid use for building muscles would rarely be recommended by ethical doctors in this day and age.

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