What is an Alkalizer?

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An alkalizer is a device that serves to reduce acidity in water, then taking it slightly to the other side of the scale, making it a little on the base side. An alkalizer is usually connected to a faucet providing tap water, most commonly in the kitchen, where the vast majority of water for cooking and drinking is taken from. Many companies sell these devices and they are also readily available for ordering online.

Most units work the same way, through a multi-step process. First, the water passes through a charcoal filter to help remove any impurities. Then, it is ionized by passing over positive and negative electrodes. This is what is thought to produce the alkaline water. An alkalizer is also thought to break up the mineral clusters in the water, thus providing better hydration.

For those who have other water treatment systems hooked up to their water supply, it is best to seek advice before using an alkalizer. Some systems may not be compatible with all devices and may neutralize any benefit they may otherwise provide. For example, a reverse osmosis system and alkalizer should not be used together. This is because the device uses the minerals in the water to help produce the desired effects. Reverse osmosis systems, as well as distillers, take away the vast majority of these minerals.


Those who promote alkalizers and other alkaline water products also point to a number of other health benefits that the water is supposed to provide. These include digestion issues and respiratory issues such as asthma. Alkaline drinking water is thought to produce these benefits by helping to restore the natural chemical balances in the body.

While it is possible to achieve alkaline drinking water through a number of different sources, the alkalizer may be the most common and the cheapest way to get alkaline water. First, the system can be used to produce many gallons of water. Also, with replaceable cartridges and other parts, the device can be used many times before it reaches the end of its useful life.

While there may be some benefits to using these devices, some scientists believe those benefits are overstated. For example, they say water is not conductive enough to be affected by running it over electrodes. Further, they argue any alkalinity in the water would more than be eliminated by the natural acidity of the stomach.


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