What is an Algebra Refresher?

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An algebra refresher is a review of algebra for those who have not studied the subject for a period of time. These are people who may have forgotten some of what they have learned previously or need to regain some of their skills. Many people take refresher courses before taking a college placement test or large exam, such as the SAT®. A refresher course is not meant to be the sole method of learning algebra; it is expected that people taking a math refresher have learned the skills at some time in the past, either in a high school or college course.

There are many different methods to take an algebra refresher. If one is still in school, either high school or college, there may be extra classes offered for those who need help. In addition, there may be algebra study groups or brief review sessions available, if it has not been too long since algebra was taken originally. Algebra tutoring can also serve as an excellent algebra refresher to quickly brush up on skills, and to get some one-on-one help. Any of these methods could be effective, depending on one's needs and individual learning style.


Other popular types of algebra refresher courses are those taken independently. There are many courses offered online, most of which are only a few weeks in length. Some are free, though they may require a small fee if there is more in-depth instruction involved. These are more popular with adults who are out of school, but may be thinking of returning to some form of higher education, or perhaps who may need to refresh their skills for their jobs. In addition, most bookstores sell a variety of algebra refresher books designed to present the material in a manner that is easy to understand.

In an algebra refresher, one can expect to be instructed on basic and more complex algebraic theories. There are algebra refreshers available for both Algebra I and Algebra II, as well as occasionally Pre-Algebra and College-Level Algebra, so the student can select the one most appropriate for his or her skill level. Each algebraic concept is typically then broken up into individual lessons. The lessons will then include a number of sample problems to complete, as well as extra problems to help the student practice and fully grasp the material. Keep in mind that there are other math refresher courses available, including geometry, trigonometry, and calculus, along with more basic math concepts to help any student brush up on his or her math skills.


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