What is an Alcohol Rehabilitation Center?

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An alcohol rehabilitation center is a type of substance abuse center that is geared toward helping alcoholics learn to overcome and control their desire to drink alcohol. The main function of these facilities is to assist the individual in going through the difficult period of withdrawal from alcohol and also provide the recovering alcoholic with coping tools to resist taking another drink in the future. Thus, the treatment program operated by an alcohol rehabilitation center will not only include support during withdrawal but also ongoing support as the individual seeks to build a life that does not include alcohol consumption.

Popularly known as a rehab or alcohol rehab, the services of an alcohol rehabilitation center generally go beyond the support of self-help programs and support groups for alcoholics. It is not unusual for the centers to use many of the same methods as part of the treatment process. However, the typical rehabilitation center for alcoholics will include intensive psychological therapy as well as medical support to ease the physical effects of detoxification. With inpatient rehab programs, the alcoholic moves into the center and receives attention around the clock as he or she attempts to gain control of the addiction.


There are also examples of outpatient centers that prove helpful when the alcoholic prefers to remain in the home with family members. An outpatient rehab will establish a regular schedule of physical examinations, counseling and support group activity to aid in the recovery process. Depending on the severity of the addiction, the outpatient approach may be the more productive in the long run. However, severe cases of alcohol dependency are usually addressed with more effect in an inpatient environment.

One of the key facts that any type of alcohol rehabilitation center takes into account is that alcoholism is not a disease that can be cured. An individual who is an alcoholic will remain an alcoholic for the remainder of his or her life. For this reason, the centers focus on helping the individual to develop coping skills that make it possible to resist the temptation to drink. During the initial recovery period, the centers also provide monitoring that makes it somewhat easier to deal with the withdrawal symptoms that appear as the body learns to adjust to functioning without the consumption of the alcohol.

The alcohol rehabilitation center seeks to address both the physical and the mental impact of alcoholism and provide the recovering alcoholic with inspiration, support and the skill set to overcome the addiction and keep it in check after the treatment series is completed. Many alcoholics who successfully complete treatment at an alcoholic rehabilitation center continue to participate in community support groups, making it possible to maintain a network of individuals who understand the temptation to drink and offer mutual support to resist the urge.


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