What is an Air Force Physical Fitness Test?

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The United States (US) Air Force Physical Fitness Test (AFPFT) is a comprehensive test of an airman's physical fitness based on his or her performance on the four main components of the test: aerobics, body composition, push-ups, and crunches. Airmen are awarded points based upon their performance during each of the four components of the test, and an airman must obtain a score of 75 points or more out of 100 in order to pass the test. Airmen who pass their Air Force Physical Fitness Test with a score of 90 or more are graded as being in excellent physical condition, while airmen who finish the test with a score of 75 to 89.9 are graded as being in good physical condition. All airmen who finish their Air Force Physical Fitness test with a score below 75 fail the test and are required to retake the test within 90 days.

An airman's scoring requirements for the Air Force Physical Fitness Test are based upon an individual's age and gender. Generally, female members of the Air Force are required to perform a lower number of push-ups than male Air Force personnel, and older airmen are not expected to perform as well during the aerobic portion of the Air Force Physical Fitness Test as younger airmen. In many cases, alternative physical fitness tests can be arranged for individuals with physical limitations, such as airmen who are unable to run long distances due to previous injuries.


The Air Force gives the most scoring weight to the aerobic component of the Air Force Physical Fitness Test, which accounts for up to 50 points of the 100-point scoring system. Airmen who are in good health are required to complete a 1.5 mile run in the appropriate amount of time for their age and gender. For example, a male member of the Air Force who is under 30years old is expected to complete the course in about 12 minutes in order to prove he is in good aerobic health, while men in their 40s are considered low-risk as long as they complete the course in under 14 minutes.

Airmen can earn up to 30 points during the body composition portion of the Air Force Physical Fitness Test, followed by up to 10 points for both push-ups and crunches. The Air Force tests an airman's body composition by measuring an individual's abdominal circumference and comparing this information to the airman's overall size and age. During the push-up portion of the physical fitness test, an airman is timed on how many push-ups he or she can perform in one minute. Similarly, the Air Force Physical Fitness Test takes into account the number of crunches an airman can complete in one minute as well.


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