What is an Air Couch?

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An air couch is just what it sounds like; a couch that is filled with air instead of the traditional materials. An air couch is made of plastic, typically polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane, and inflated by the user with the mouth, an air pump, or a hair dryer. Air-filled furniture has long been a popular choice for kids rooms, dorm rooms, or any room with mod, minimalist decor, but with the recent increase in styles, including upholstered versions, an air couch has become a good alternative for nearly any setting.

The air couch has a number of advantages over traditional furniture. It offers significant cost savings, with a typical air couch running 60 or 70 US dollars (USD). Air-filled furniture also saves on space. For those who move frequently or have limited space, such as college students, the ease with which an air couch can be assembled or dismantled is a great benefit. Air couches are also perfect to bring out for guests or parties, and they store compactly in the back of a closet or under a desk when not in use.


The air couch is ideal for children's decor, not only because of its fun look and the many bright colors and kid-friendly styles available, but also because it makes clean-up easy. Spills wipe off easily, and a soiled air couch can simply be hosed down in the backyard. Even upholstered versions are easier to clean than traditional furniture, as the cover can be thrown in the wash or taken to a cleaner.

The air couch also has environmental benefits. The amount of materials used is reduced by about 85% from that required to manufacture traditional furniture. This cuts down on waste, preserves resources, and makes for a more efficient manufacturing process. The air couch is also made of recyclable materials, and some manufacturers have made a switch to the more environmentally friendly polyethylene plastic.

While many think of the air couch as a temporary piece of furniture that will not stand up to regular use over the years, the newest air couch models make use of multiple air-filled cells for increased firmness, comfort, and durability. If a single cell is damaged, the piece is still useable. Many air couches come with upholstery, but separate covers are also available, so the air couch can be customized to fit a wide range of decor themes.


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