What is an Admissions Counselor?

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An admissions counselor typically works in one of two fields: either recruiting future students or helping current students prepare for their future education. An admissions counselor may be hired by high schools and community colleges to help students set goals and take required courses to get into a particular type of school. Typically, they can outline the requirements of programs in the students' field of interest and make sure the student is fulfilling any necessary courses. An admissions counselor also serve as a scout for universities and graduate programs, and be responsible for identifying potential future students.

In many high schools or community colleges, students may have an opportunity to discuss their future goals with an admissions counselor. A good counselor should be knowledgeable enough to recommend programs and advanced training schools that may apply to the student's interests. Students also may be able to obtain necessary application documents from the admission counselor, and also get information regarding what specific courses are needed to meet a school's requirements.

If you are an applicant to a university program, you may be required to meet with an admissions counselor regarding your application status. They may discuss with you the requirements of the school and its potential benefits to you as a student. Admissions counselors can also be valuable sources of information regarding financial aid, scholarships and school expenses. Forming a cordial relationship with an admissions counselor can be of great benefit to an incoming or potential student.


Typically, admissions counselors have a background rich in education and administration experience. They may often be a graduate of the school they work for, having gained the position after completing a work-study or student job in the admissions office. Most have a strong working knowledge of school administration policies and program requirements. A well-trained admissions counselors can be a wonderful asset to students as well as to the school; they can essentially act as a matchmaker between students and the appropriate programs.

Starting pay for admissions counselors varies considerably, but tends to start around $30,000 US Dollars (USD) per year. Depending on the school, you may also receive health coverage and staff benefits, such as access to school facilities such as gyms and special events. Becoming an admissions counselor can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience; by helping young students navigate the difficult and often confusing application process, you are investing in their futures and increasing their chances of a successful career.


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Post 4

@icecream17: If you work at Grand Canyon University then you don't have to worry about rejecting applicants. Everyone is accepted!

Post 3

@Subway11-I agree. I think the most interesting aspect of the admissions counselor job involves conducting the interviews.

Here you get to put a name with a face and get to see what some of these students are all about. I think that the hardest thing about this job involves the rejection that goes along with it.

You really can't accept everyone and it is sad when people are rejected.

Post 2

@Sunshine31 -That sounds like a fun job. I think becoming a college admissions counselor helps you reward students that have worked hard in their academic career.

It is really a nice feeling when you can admit a student because they have met the school’s requirements. You also really get to meet a lot of interesting people and once you get enough experience you can turn your college admissions counselor career into a private counseling business.

Post 1

I recently learned of a company called Ivy Select that offers university admissions counseling to students with competitive backgrounds.

They help the students by advising them on the coursework and extracurricular activities they should have in their background as well as helping them develop a compelling essay for admissions.

Many of the students that participated in the program went to top schools like Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and Brown. This is a private college counseling service that also has relationships with the best colleges in the country.

If they take you on as a client you will pay fees of $10,000 or more. They usually start with students at the 10th grade level.

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