What is an Adhesive Bra?

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The adhesive bra comes in several forms. The most popular is the one invented by NuBra in 2002. It is comprised of two silicone cups attached with a front hook that are supposed to adhere to the body. According to the manufacturer, the bra is wonderful because it eliminates shoulder straps and back straps, promoting better comfort. If the instructions are followed closely, the adhesive bra should adhere to the skin for about six hours.

The adhesive bra is not available in all sizes, usually up to a C cup. NuBra has since made a feather light version with adhesive straps for the woman with a D cup. This still leaves larger breasted women out of the loop, since it usually will not provide extra support. Instructions for the adhesive bra are very specific, and people who have tested the bra claim it will not adhere well if the instructions are not followed to the letter.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the bra should not be put on right after you have used lotion or cream — this can cause slipping. The first step in applying the adhesive bra is to be sure that the area is clean and dry. NuBra even sells their own cleaning solution for the purpose of removing oils in order to prep for proper adherence.


The bra cups should be placed one at a time, and then connected in front. You merely press on the bra for about 15 seconds so that it adheres properly. Lastly, you have to wash the bra immediately after each use — NuBra also offers it’s own bra wash.

Test runs of the NuBra adhesive bra do suggest it works fairly well, for about six hours. The bra usually does stay securely attached despite humidity or sweating. This type of adhesive bra can also be placed higher or lower to provide greater or lesser support. Yet the box warns that attaching and reattaching the bra can cause it not to adhere. This might pose a problem the first few times you use the bra, since correct positioning may take a few attempts. It might be a good idea to take the NuBra for a few test runs before using it for an important event like a prom or wedding.

Earlier versions of the adhesive bra include the Braza bra. This was a little tough on sensitive skin because it included actual adhesive tape. Removing the Braza bra, which is still available, could be a painful experience, and some women felt that the bra did not give adequate support. You can also find adhesive strips for the NuBra, if the NuBra fails to adhere after frequent use. Again, this will mean ripping tape off sensitive chest skin, which can prove very uncomfortable.

Many women are very happy with the silicone adhesive bra because it easily accommodates backless or strapless fashions while providing support. In fact the NuBra has sold extremely well, since it was first offered in Neiman Marcus stores in 2003. It is now available on the Internet and in many department stores, and retails for about 50-60 US dollars (USD).


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Post 6

is there any type of adhesive that can be used to extend the life of the bra when the bra is no longer sticking properly?

Post 4

I am on the small side of a C and I wore this for my prom. I don't think it would offer much support for anyone much larger than me, but it still provides a nice shape. It also holds extremely well. I think I had mine on for about eight hours and it still felt perfectly secure.

Post 3

I have tried them but you are right-- they work on small breasts. I found a great one from Fashion Forms, that is called Beautiful Lift.

It works on large "saggy" breasts, I think up to a DD. I bought it at Macy's. Try it.

Post 1

I guess this would only be considered supportive for a B cup or smaller. I've looked at pics of it and I just can't see how it provides any actual support. The clip thing in the front probably keeps both breasts in unison (lol!) but has to be totally lacking in any uplift.

Has anyone with a C cup tried these?

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