What is an Abdominal Belt?

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An abdominal belt is a type of bandage used to wrap around an individual’s abdomen in order to provide support. It is usually made from high-quality elastic materials and stretchable fabrics. This is commonly used by individuals during their exercise routines in order to achieve a trimmer abdomen. Patients who underwent abdominal surgeries, and women who had cesarean operations also use abdominal belts for support. With this belt on, they are more confident in moving around and in doing simple activities, thus promoting a faster recovery.

There are several types of abdominal belts. Some abdominal belts are utilized for medical purposes. These types of belts are often designed with size adjustments and loop-and-hook panels for a more secure hold.

After an abdominal surgery, patients are frequently advised to use this type of abdominal belt for abdominal support. The belt also promotes toning of the abdominal muscles and secures surgical incisions against sneezing, coughing, and sudden movements. Aside from these reasons, abdominal support belts are also worn by individuals in order to relieve pain in the back caused by muscle weakness and injuries.


Another type of abdominal belt is commonly used by health enthusiasts who love to keep fit and trim. They usually wear the abdominal belt whenever they perform their exercises. This type of abdominal belt, sometimes referred to as exercise belt, is frequently made from plastic or rubber materials. When worn during exercises, there is usually increased sweating around the area, thus it is believed to promote fast burning of fats. It also places additional pressure on the abdomen, thus increasing resistance in the abdominal muscles when doing sit-up exercises.

One other type of abdominal belt is one that comes with an electric current. Also called an electronic abdominal belt or abdominal toning belt, it usually acts as a massage belt that helps users achieve toner and firmer abdominal muscles. It acts by stimulating the abdominal muscles, thus promoting continuous muscular contractions in the area. These electronic devices are usually worn by casual exercisers, new mothers, busy men and women, and even those with physical disabilities. Most users find it convenient to use their abdominal belts while watching TV, doing household chores, playing with the kids, or even working.

Abdominal belts are also worn by individuals who do weight lifting training. Also called weight lifting abdominal belts, they act to reduce stress on the muscles of the lower back. They are usually made from stronger materials such as leather.


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Post 4

@OeKc05 – I heard that makers of the electric abdominal belt got in trouble for deceptive advertising. They had to retract their claims that the belt could give users a six-pack and could substitute for hundreds of situps.

So, as a substitute for exercise for a healthy person, I think it is a terrible idea that will not garner results. However, I see how it might be of use for people who are physically unable to exercise.

My aunt will be bedridden for the next few months. She is recovering from an illness that has made her very weak, and she is afraid that her muscles might waste away. So, she has decided to use an electric ab belt to prevent this.

Post 3

Those abdominal shock belts just sound like a joke to me. I really don't see how an electrical stimulus could serve as a substitute for abdominal exercise.

It just seems like the laziest thing in the world to me to rely on a shock belt to do your exercise for you. I think it speaks of how lethargic we as a culture have become.

Has anyone here actually used one of these belts? Is it as ridiculous as I imagine it to be, or did you see any sort of results from using it?

Post 2

My cousin wore an abdominal belt after surgery, and I believe it helped her heal faster. She had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and took a bullet to the abdomen, and she had to have it extracted.

The doctor had cautioned her about sneezing and coughing, and she told him that she suffered from severe allergies. He thought it would be best if she wore an abdominal belt while recovering from her wound and surgery.

She was so glad that she had the belt, because right afterward, she got a bad cold and sneezed steadily. She said she couldn't even feel the sneeze in her abdomen because of how sturdy and secure the belt kept her.

Post 1

My eighty-year-old neighbor wore an abdominal belt to prevent back pain and help him keep his posture. He was still very active at the time he was wearing the belt, and I often saw him walking around his property, picking up fallen branches and tending the cattle.

I don't think he wore it while sitting in his recliner, though. I believe it was just to help him avoid injury and pain while doing chores and walking around.

I can see how this type of abdominal belt would be very helpful to someone with back problems or someone of old age. I would be very willing to wear one if I were old and weak.

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