What is an Ab Crunch Machine?

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An ab crunch machine is a piece of workout equipment specifically designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles. These machines are usually found in health clubs or on home gym equipment and involve a forward crunching movement that targets your abdominal muscles. Ab crunch machines may offer a more intense abdominal workout than regular sit-ups or crunches because weight is usually added.

Most health clubs offer a wide variety of equipment to their members, usually including an ab crunch machine. Some machines may vary in design but they all target the same muscle group in the rectus abdominis area, or the six-pack ab area. There are other abdominal machines usually available to work the lower-abdominal area and the obliques as well.

To correctly use an ab crunch machine, an individual should first position himself on the machine with his feet firmly behind the ankle holders. A suitable weight needs to be selected to allow a thorough workout while still maintaining correct form and posture. The handle bars should be held firmly while the individual inhales before starting the first repetition. Using the abdominal muscles, curl the upper body forward while exhaling, using the machine as a guide. When the maximum extension has been reached, the individual can slowly return to the starting position and still holding the tension in the abdominal muscles.


These machines may offer a variety of benefits to an athlete. They can train the abdominal muscles at a different angle than a normal crunch performed while lying horizontally. Weight can also be added to provide a more challenging workout. This machine may also be used in conjunction with other abdominal exercises to provide a complete ab workout.

Building a strong midsection typically can help improve performance in many sports. The abdominal muscles may be difficult to train because they are a large, complicated group of muscles. This is where an ab crunch machine may come in handy. It can provide an isolated exercise that specifically targets the abdominal muscles and allowing for increased weight resistance over time.

An ab crunch machine may also be used at home. Some people may prefer to set up a home gym instead of joining a health club, and they may use an ab crunch machine as part of their training program. These machines can be bought from various online retailers or fitness equipment outlets and often are included as part of a home gym set-up. A health club that has recently upgraded their equipment also might offer the extra stock to individuals at reduced pricing.


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