What Is Aminophylline Cream?

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Aminophylline is a medication that is used to treat lung diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema and asthma by opening up airways to the lungs. Creams made with aminophylline are reportedly able to reduce areas of cellulite and fat on the body. The cream apparently works by dehydrating the skin and eliminating water in the cellulite to give the skin a firmer appearance. Proponents of aminophylline cream suggest using it on a daily basis for maximum effect.

Cellulite is a problem for many people but tends to affect woman more than men. This is because women’s skin is generally a little thinner. With millions of dollars being spent trying to find solutions to this condition, the idea of a cream that could reduce cellulite and fat seems like a cosmetic panacea. There are some claims that aminophylline cream can actually convert fat into heat and therefore break it down. The counter argument to this is that most creams cannot penetrate that deep into the skin and can only superficially affect the appearance of the skin.


Many creams on the market that claim to reduce fat and unsightly cellulite have aminophylline as an active base ingredient. Diuretics, which serve to increase production of urine, work to reduce water in the body, and this is the chief theory behind the cosmetic weight loss claims of applications such as aminophylline cream. There are many positive reviews from users of the cream; however, the side effects are generally unknown. Some studies have claimed that the cream can affect the heart rate for a few hours after application. On the plus side, the amount of aminophylline found in the anti-cellulite creams is relatively small and the side effects should be relatively small as well.

Due to the localized diuretic effect of aminophylline cream, the product can work quickly to show results. Apart from drying out the skin and giving it a tauter appearance, there are some claims that the cream does not actually cause fat to disappear, but rather it is moved to another location in the body. Some weight loss specialists claim that it is biologically impossible to reduce fat just from a single location, like the thighs. Whatever the process behind the application, the effect may only be temporary, so it is recommended that the cream be applied to the affected areas on a regular and sustained basis. Once the applications are ceased, the fat, or cellulite effect, may return to the area.


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Post 3

I'm not an expert or a doctor, but most of what I heard about aminophylline cream for cellulite and fat loss seems to be unproven. I've only seen one study about this cream. The results of the study was that it helped women and men lose weight around the belly. But it was a very poorly done study because they put people into a diet and exercise regime at the same time, so they probably lost the fat due to diet and exercise and not aminophylline cream.

Plus, medications do get absorbed through the skin and aminophylline is known to increase blood pressure. It can be dangerous for people who already have issues with their blood pressure.


anyone is considering using this cream, please do your own share of research and ask your doctor first. More than likely, you're going to be spending a lot of money with no results. This is how I feel about this cream anyway.
Post 2
@simrin-- Aminophylline cream works -- it got rid of my cellulite as well as the excess fat on my thighs!
Post 1

I've been dealing with cellulite for several years now and I have tried numerous topical products to treat it. I haven't had much luck.

I've been hearing great things about aminophylline cream for cellulite lately. I do want to try it but at the same time, I'm worried about putting a diuretic on my skin.

If this cream only reduces the appearance of cellulite topically, it's not much more than makeup. I'm looking for something that will treat my cellulite, not hide it for a few hours. I can't imagine myself using this cream everyday for years, so I might as well not start at all.

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