What is Amino Collagen?

Amino collagen is a dietary supplement that is very popular in Japan. Women and men in Japan often use this supplement to increase the levels of collagen in their skin, and people everywhere are beginning to use it for the same benefits. When people begin to age, they start losing collagen. This may cause the skin to start becoming thin and increase the likelihood of wrinkles. Amino collagen may help to ward off the effects of aging related to loss of collagen in the skin.

This type of collagen contains collagen peptide, which is the fish-derived active ingredient. It also contains another amino acid called arginine and vitamin C, which both may benefit the health of the skin and increase the effectiveness of the supplement's collagen-boosting properties. In addition to using the supplement, it may be beneficial to consume foods that are rich in collagen, such as dark green vegetables and most types of fish. Foods containing soy may also be beneficial for increasing collagen in the body and for helping to ward off enzymes that cause the skin to break down and look aged.

Amino collagen is most popular in powdered form. It is usually taken once a day by mixing up a spoonful of the powder into a cup of water until it is dissolved. Amino collagen is supposed to be tasteless, but it is available in different flavors for people who can detect an unpleasant taste. It is also acceptable to use either hot or cold water when mixing up the powder. Additionally, almost any beverage or soup can be used in place of water for dissolving it.

This supplement comes in the form of creams and capsules in addition to the powder. Some companies also put it in shampoo to help give flat hair more body and volume. People who want to take amino collagen may be able to find it in health food stores or online. It is widely available in Japan, and it is not uncommon to find it on the shelves of most grocery and drug stores in that area. The price of amino collagen will vary depending on the form of the supplement, the brand, and the store it is purchased from.

People who are considering amino collagen to help reduce the effects of aging may need to ask their doctor first. This could be particularly important for people who are also taking prescription medication, because dietary supplements may occasionally interact with the collagen. Amino collagen is typically considered safe with no real side effects, but allergic reactions are possible in anyone.

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