What Is Aloe Propolis Cream?

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Aloe propolis cream is thick topical skin cream formulated to help relieve the irritating symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and excessive seasonal dryness. The key ingredient of this cream is propolis, a dark and thick substance naturally found in the lining of bee hives. Skin care experts often find that propolis inhibits the growth of bacteria that can potentially worsen skin infections. When propolis is combined with aloe in this topical cream, its regular use can result in smoother and healthier skin as well as diminished itching or redness.

Minor surface injuries to the skin such as scrapes or cuts often benefit from aloe propolis cream. The propolis forms a protective layer on these kinds of abrasions and keeps out the harmful bacteria that often leads to infections. These uses of propolis usually result in faster healing times, less pain, and smaller chances of scarring. Dermatologists also sometimes recommend propolis products to acne sufferers for this antibacterial characteristic. This cream is one of several options for aloe products used to help treat various skin eruptions and rashes.


Other ingredients found in aloe propolis cream often include vitamin A, vitamin E, and lanolin that provide skin with nutrition and moisture. These two vitamins help reduce skin dullness or other signs of aging, and lanolin is a humectant that helps the skin retain its needed suppleness. Moisturizing humectants are particularly beneficial for people who experience skin dryness in cold weather with little humidity. The aloe in this type of cream usually helps the skin's natural regeneration process by speeding up rates of new cell growth. Amounts of added aloe to this cream sometimes vary by brand, but even small measures of this substance can make a noticeable difference with consistent application.

Various brands of cream are available from online retailers as well as in grocery or drug stores. It does not require a prescription, although skin health experts can often recommend this cream as part of a treatment plan for certain skin troubles. Serious outbreaks of conditions such as psoriasis or dermatitis usually need to be treated with prescription medications before improvement is noticeable, though aloe propolis cream can be an effective secondary treatment. Individuals with these skin problems often see better results from using a product with a higher amount of added propolis, which is typically a darker brown or amber color in appearance.


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Post 3

My mom gifted me a jar of aloe and propolis cream once. I absolutely loved it. It did wonders for my acne and I also used it to heal cuts and scrapes. I used up the whole bottle and wanted to buy a new one but it's too expensive for my budget right now.

Could I possibly make aloe and propolis cream myself? What if I add propolis extract or tincture to aloe vera gel? Will it be just as good?

Post 2

@fBoyle-- What type of herpes blisters do you want to treat-- oral herpes or genital herpes?

I use aloe propolis cream for genital herpes, but only topically. I would not advise using it inside the genitals. That might not be safe.

Propolis cream has antiviral properties, so it helps herpes blisters heal faster. This has been shown with scientific studies as well. Aloe propolis cream has an added benefit of aloe. Aloe is soothing and fights inflammation. So you can definitely use this cream on herpes blisters.

If you can find a product that's all natural, with unprocessed propolis and aloe, that would be best.

Post 1

Has anyone used aloe propolis cream for herpes blisters?

I've been hearing great things about this cream and I found a brand that sells it. I wonder if it can help herpes blisters heal?

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