What Is Aloe Lubricant?

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Aloe lubricant is a term that can be used for two different products. The first product is personal lubricant infused with aloe vera extracts, which may include pure aloe vera sap, aloe juice, or aloe essential oil extract. The second product is simply additive-free aloe vera gel. This gel is not meant exclusively for use as personal lubrication, but can suffice. Its slippery, non-greasy and non-toxic formula often makes it a practical alternative to lubricants specifically made for sexual intercourse.

Varieties of aloe lubricant specifically formulated for intercourse often contain vitamin-infused enzymes along with the aloe itself. Vitamins E and A, along with zinc, are common, as they help promote skin health. Women suffering from serious vaginal dryness may benefit from using these lubricants both during and separate from intercourse. Aloe vera gel is reportedly very gentle and does not generally irritate even the most sensitive skin. This kind of lubrication may also be an alternative to silicone- and latex-based personal lubricants.

Over time, the aloe and other vitamins may help improve dryness and clear up any irritation. Some research shows that aloe gel may be antiseptic and antibacterial, in addition being soothing for the skin. Women considering such treatment should always speak to a gynecologist or other medical professional before self-treating. Infections should be examined by a professional; aloe lubricant is not an alternative to medical attention.


Those seeking an alternative to personal lubricant altogether may find success using pure aloe vera gel instead of aloe lubricant. When choosing a gel for intimate uses, products free of dyes, alcohols, and additives typically work the best. Dyes may cause irritation and mild stains on the skin, while alcohol can seriously dry and irritate the skin, especially skin that is supposed to be continuously moist.

Clear aloe gel has been carefully distilled and strained so that it's free of pulp, plant pieces, and coloration. It is usually mild enough to use on a child's skin, so using it as personal lubricant may work well. The only trouble with pure aloe vera gel is that it can absorb into the skin very quickly. Those using this kind of aloe lubricant for intercourse with a partner should typically apply it liberally. Many men and women find more success using aloe gel as lubricant for solitary activities.

Those who want to try aloe lubricant without the expense of purchasing a specially-infused formula may try making their own mixture at home. It's usually a matter of stirring together about equal parts plain, unscented personal lubricant and clear aloe vera gel. Some may also find success adding a few small spoonfuls of aloe juice or extract to their existing lubricant formula.


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Post 4

I think that 100% pure aloe vera gel is a great personal lubricant. It costs less than most over the counter lubricants and it's natural. The point of using a lubricant is to prevent friction and possible irritation or damage to sexual organs. And aloe vera gel does exactly that. It's also safe to use with condoms since it does not contain oil. Oil can degrade condoms and cause them to break.

I have never tried combining aloe vera gel with a personal lubricant before but that might be a good idea as well. It would be a good way to reduce cost. Also, there are warming lubricants that are way too strong. Combining a small amount of a warming lubricant with aloe vera gel would be a good way to reduce the warming effects.

Post 3

@ysmina-- Not necessarily. Just because something is natural does not mean that it is safe or beneficial to use as a lubricant. I have no idea if aloe kills sperm but I think that most lubricants with a thick consistency (even saliva) have the effect of slowing down sperm. So if you are trying to get pregnant, there is a possibility that an aloe lubricant may reduce your chances. Ask your doctor about this issue.

I think that there are sperm friendly lubricants out there. It's probably best not to use anything for conceiving, but I understand that that's not always possible. If your doctor approves regular personal lubricants, I'm sure that aloe lubricants will be fine as well.

Post 2

Do aloe lubricants damage or kill sperm? If it's all-natural, it should be safe right?

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