What Is Aloe Butter?

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Aloe butter is similar to aloe lotion, but generally creamier and thicker in consistency. It is an ideal skin conditioner for those who have extremely parched, dry, or flaky skin because it is full of moisturizing properties and ingredients. Skin products that contain aloe vera are also more hydrating than ordinary moisturizers because of the soothing properties of the plant. Other ingredients found in this type of body butter can include shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.

Ordinary lotions and creams are designed to help replenish moisture and softness to the skin, but may not be hydrating enough for skin that is extremely rough or dry. Body butters are typically used on skin that requires more moisture than regular lotion can offer, as butters are much thicker and have a richer consistency. Aloe butter also contains aloe vera extract as an ingredient, in addition to soothing oils such as jojoba oil.

Unlike lotion, aloe butter is a soft-solid that melts onto the skin on contact. Lotions and creams are more liquid in consistency and do not contain as many oils as body butters do. The rich oils used in aloe butter and other body butters provide extra moisture to skin that is chapped, wind burned, or very dry. In addition, this type of butter is excellent for eczema and other skin conditions that cause flaky, damaged skin.


The aloe vera used in aloe lotions and butters restores hydration and can soothe sunburned or irritated skin as well. Gel or juice containing aloe vera can also be added to ordinary body butters to give them more hydrating properties. In general, the thicker the body butter is, the more moisturizing it will be. Since aloe butter is creamier than lotion, individuals who use the butter tend to apply it less often than they would lotion.

Body butter is ideal for use on the knees, elbows, and other areas that are prone to dryness and roughness. It can be used daily and all over the entire body, but may leave a greasy residue on the skin that some would find unpleasant. Butters that contain ingredients such as coconut oil or cocoa butter may be greasier than others.

This type of skin conditioner typically comes packaged inside of a small pot or container, and must be applied with the hands. It can also be packaged inside of a tube like many skin creams. Consumers can normally find aloe butter in the same places that lotions, creams, and other skin moisturizers are found.


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