What is Air Conditioning Service?

Malcolm Tatum

Air conditioning service is a broad term used to describe the function of technicians in the maintenance of air conditioning equipment associated with a private residence or a public building. The purpose of air conditioning service is to prevent major breakdowns of the equipment by conducting regular quality checks of the existing systems, replacing components when needed, and installing new systems when the older system has become obsolete or inadequate to maintain a proper temperature in the space.

An air conditioner.
An air conditioner.

Many companies that sell and install air conditioning systems offer buyers the opportunity to enroll in service contracts that provide an ongoing schedule for air conditioning service. This often includes making annual or semiannual comprehensive inspections of the installed equipment. Other services covered under the contract may include minor repairs to the system at no additional charge, or replacing components covered by the warranty without charging any type of labor costs. In general, the idea behind this ongoing air conditioning service is to ensure the unit continues to run at maximum efficiency.

Many companies that manufacture air conditioners offer maintenance and repair services.
Many companies that manufacture air conditioners offer maintenance and repair services.

A quality AC service contract will provide for the periodic evaluation of all working components of the system. This will include testing essential components, such as capacitors, fan blades, motors, and the ductwork attached to the system. By testing the components to make sure they are operating properly, it is often possible to identify problem areas before they begin to damage other components within the air conditioning unit. From this perspective, air conditioning service helps to prevent the owner of the system from incurring a larger expense later on.

Many manufacturers of air conditioning systems include at least one year of air conditioning service in the purchase package. The owners of the installed systems have the option of continuing the service from one year to the next by paying what is usually a reasonable annual fee. As with many types of preventive maintenance programs, the cost of the annual air conditioning service contract can easily be offset by the need to replace a defective part covered under the terms of the contract or the labor costs associated with emergency service calls that are covered under the agreement.

It is important to note that the quality and structure of air conditioning service contracts vary greatly from one provider to another. For this reason, consumers should always read the service contract thoroughly. Failure to do so may lead to purchasing a system at what seems a great price, but ultimately proves costly, due to various service functions not being included in the package.

AIr conditioning service ensures that a unit continues to run at maximum efficiency.
AIr conditioning service ensures that a unit continues to run at maximum efficiency.

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@Euroxati - Funny you should mention that, as I had a similar problem a few years ago. I called a technician, and he said it all boiled down to a leakage. Apparently, there was a leak in the central air conditioning, which was causing the freon to slowly leak out, over the course of a few weeks. Fortunately, he patched it up and there hasn't been a problem since. I recommended you call a nearby technician and see what can be done about it.


For the past few months or so, I've been having a problem with my air conditioner. It starts out cool, but after about two weeks, the air blowing from the vents is no longer effective, and it becomes rather warm. It's been very frustrating to me because I live in Arizona, and the weather is rather hot in July. Does anyone know what the problem is, and a possible solution?


While having a working air conditioner in the summer isn't always essential, it certainly helps out a lot. This is especially the case if you happen to live in Arizona. In the summer time, temperatures can even reach up to one hundred twenty degrees. Overall, it really depends on where you live. While some states have rather hot summers, others are the exception.

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