What is Agricultural Development?

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Many small farmers in rural areas depend on agricultural sales for their livelihood to provide for their families. Large numbers of poor families rely on agricultural products for daily nourishment. Unfortunately, in many poor regions, soil conditions, seed supply and other factors are not ideal for successful farming, which leads to poverty in the developing world. Agricultural development promotes the proper conditions for farming so that planting, harvesting and processing of crops can be done effectively, which ultimately can reduce poverty and save lives.

There are many agricultural challenges that the practice of rural development can overcome. Some of the obstacles facing the agricultural industry include soil that might have been damaged by overuse, in addition to shortages in seeds, fertilizers and other irrigation supplies. A farmer's crops must be protected from disease and other threats, such as bugs and extreme weather conditions. Without the development of any of these basic farming components, a farmer cannot sell his or her goods to the market.


Transportation is also a key component to agricultural development. Even if a farmer does grow enough agricultural items to sell, if there is no way to transport these products to the market, the farmer cannot sell the crops and make money. In some regions, problems with roads and infrastructure interfere with a farmer's ability to sell his or her goods. Communication is another component to agricultural practices. This is because in order for a farmers to know the type of crop they must yield to generate a profit, they need to know the market prices for the types of crops they are growing.

Solving these problems is where agricultural development and government funding comes into play. Agricultural development extends beyond the physical conditions of farming and into research, technology and political policy. For example, until some developing nations adopt aggressive funding programs to improve harvesting conditions, agricultural development is limited. There are endowments and foundations, however, that earmark large sums of capital toward improving farming conditions in developing nations.

Advancements in farming technology can result in better yielding crops for small farmers. This is because with the right technological advancements, farmers are able to get more from their land. Proper water purification systems coupled with quality seeds, fertilizers and soil are all necessary for a bumper crop, and all of these components can be enhanced through technological developments. These advancements could have widespread benefits, ranging from higher profits for a farmer to declines in poverty levels and economic growth in surrounding areas.


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Post 4

@Emilski - That is a great point. People do not realize that the United States was not always the major world power that it is today. Early on for its first 50 to 75 years the United States had to rely on its agriculture in order to thrive and establish themselves, this is the reason for the constant agricultural developments that eventually made them into a great agricultural power. Without Agricultural developments to help combat the unforeseen wrath of nature countries cannot improve themselves from the agricultural standpoint and are left to use old, outdated, and inefficient methods to try and get the job done.

Post 3

From a historical standpoint a major reason why the United States has become the major world power that it is, is because of their constant agricultural development. Early on before, industrialization, the United States relied on its abundant agricultural resources to establish itself among other countries of the world.

Because of its abundant natural resources this caused the establishment of many internal improvements as well as improvement of infrastructure, with a focus on improving roads and transportation. Because of the many rivers and major focus on constantly improving roads and travel, the United States was able to have a good economic standing in the world before it became the major power it eventually became. This is a good example why Agricultural Development is so important to a blossoming country.

Post 2

@titans62 - I fully concur. Over in the Far East it is very difficult for farmers to tend to their crops because of constant rains. This is something that the United States has a major advantage in, because our roads allow us to get the machinery to the fields, even in heavy rain. In a place that has dirt roads this is sometimes impossible to do and the farmer suffers.

Post 1

Living in a rural agricultural are in the Midwest, the agricultural development of my area over the last several decades has been very important. Although nowadays in the United States this is not much of a problem, a basic issue involving agricultural development is accessible roads, which is a major problem in other countries.

In the United States roads do not only allow the farmer to take his or her goods to market but also allow their tractors and other farm equipment, like combines, to travel to their fields. Dirt roads can easily be washed away and this can cause the farmer to not even be able to make it to his or her crops with the necessary equipment.

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