What is Aggravated Robbery?

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Aggravated robbery is a specific type of crime within the larger category of theft. This kind of crime appears in the codes of various legal systems around the world. Each country has its own ways of dealing with different kinds of theft, and its own definitions for types of theft.

In English speaking countries where the term aggravated robbery is most commonly used, the definition of aggravated robbery involves the theft of possessions from an individual that includes the use of either force or intimidation. In these complicated legal systems, aggravated robbery has its own unique role in defining specific types of property crime. By contrast, in some of the world’s simpler legal systems, there is no distinction made for aggravated robbery at all.

In most uses of the term aggravated robbery, specific requirements apply to labeling a crime as this type of theft by force. The plaintiff has to prove, first of all, that the theft took place. Along with hard evidence of the crime, the prosecution must show that there was an active taking of property, as well as a carrying of property from the scene of a crime.


Many cases that fall under the category of aggravated theft or robbery include a specific kind of threat. Lethal weapons are often part of this kind of case, since use of these weapons constitutes force in most of the legal systems that contemplate aggravated robbery. Other kinds of intimidation include verbal threats of bodily violence or physical assault on an individual.

Cases that seek to establish this distinct category of theft often rely on case precedent in order to define the exact type of crime that happened. There may also be local or regional statutes that have an effect on the outcome of a property theft or larceny case. In jury trials, character and other elements may also play a role in the final result.

Individuals facing these kinds of legal charges can get detailed counsel from their legal representation. Sentencing varies for aggravated robbery and other kinds of crime, although this kind of theft by force typically carries more severe penalties than other types of theft such as petty larceny. Again, national or local jurisdiction will have a major effect on the details and outcome of this type of case.


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