What is Advertising Professional Certification?

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The Google Advertising Professional Certification, now called Google AdWords Certification, is the credential earned by an individual or a business that masters the Google AdWords product system to the standards set by the Google search engine company. The program is created for professionals currently working with, or intending to work with, AdWords accounts. Google will provide those earning certification with special marketing support, an official partner badge, promotional coupons, and listing the the company's partner search tool.

Those wanting to earn certification must sign up for, or already have, an active Google AdWords account as well as pass two exams — a basic fundamentals test and one on an advanced topic. The exams do cost money to take. They are available in several different languages and are done completely online. The basic exam includes over 100 questions and is timed for exactly two hours. The timer cannot be stopped, which means the exam must be completed in one sitting.

To prepare to take the exams, Google offers a set of training materials available online. Anyone just interested in learning about the AdWords system, whether seeking the Advertising Professional Certification or not, can take the lessons. The training is free of charge.


The lessons are available in the choice of either text or multimedia format. Topics covered include an explanation of what AdWords is, policies and guidelines for creating ads, creating ads with keywords, budgeting and targeting issues, and calculating the advertising return on investment (ROI). The content in the lessons is constantly updated so that even those with certification can keep learning more about the program.


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