What is Adventure Trekking?

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Adventure trekking is a type of active vacation that involves a great deal of walking. Trekking routes are chosen and led by experienced guides. Fitness requirements vary for treks, but participants should be able to walk for hours at a time even for basic, shorter walking adventures. Typically, adventure trekking takes place in wilderness areas that include rugged terrain such as mountains or winding river paths.

Tibetan mountain and African safari treks are popular types of this sort of adventure tourism. Adventure trekking may be done in different seasons, climates and weather conditions. The length of a trek may be a few days or several weeks. The size of the trekking groups varies as well, but professional guides as well as crews packing supplies are always involved. Pack animals may also be used to carry bedding or other items.

Participants on an adventure trek may sleep in tents after spending the day hiking. The time spent walking each day in adventure trekking trips varies widely, but in may be as little as five hours or as much as ten or more hours. Participants are expected to be able to keep up with the group; adventure trek companies typically advise them to start months ahead in building up their physical fitness, walking stamina and pace.


Not all adventure trekking involves overnights in tents. On some trips, participants may spend some nights in tents, but other at a lodge. These treks are planned to include hiking to the lodge. Whereas trekking guides are responsible for transporting and preparing meals during tenting portions of the trip, lodge cooks are available during the participant's stay there.

A trekking vacation may include other activities besides hiking. Depending on the location, white water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, paragliding and even elephant riding may be a part of adventure trekking. These types of treks are often known as multi-activity or multi-sports trips. An adventure trek of any type usually appeals to people who enjoy being physically active rather than mostly sedentary on vacations.

The appeal of being physically challenged in exotic locales is popular with those interested in adventure trekking. Trying new or favorite sports or activities in new lands surrounded by natural beauty is a strong component of adventure treks. Whether the scenery is a tropical forest or snow-capped mountains, there are usually trekking adventure companies that offer this type of vacation for those who wish to participate.


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Post 2

When my daughter lived in Europe, she worked for one of the outdoor adventure travel companies.

Even though she enjoyed the job, she said it was a lot of hard work. Just leading the adventures kept her in pretty good shape, but there were many people who showed up and didn't have a clue what they were doing.

Not only was she responsible for keeping everybody safe, but also that they had a good time. After a couple years of this, I think she had enough adventure for awhile and was ready to look for something else.

It was a perfect job for her when she was young and single. I know that there were many people

who were able to have a unique adventure and lasting memory because of what she did.

She isn't as interested in hiking and camping as she used to be, and now wants to go on a cruise and just relax for a good vacation.

Post 1

If adventure tours are something you are interested in, I would make sure and do your homework before investing your time and money.

Many of them can be quite physically challenging, and if you are not in shape, or up for the challenge, you might feel like you are wasting your money.

I enjoy staying active and love the outdoors, so planning some adventure travel seemed like a natural thing for me to do. My husband is not nearly as active as I am, and even though the trip sounded like a good plan, he hard a hard time keeping up with some of the activities.

Depending on what you do, just make sure you are in shape before you go - especially if it will be a physically challenging tour.

These kind of adventure vacations are a lot of fun and very exhilarating if you are in shape for them.

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