What is Adult Speech Therapy?

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Although often considered treatment for childhood speech and language issues, speech therapy is sometimes recommended for adults. It is a part of recovery programs for many illnesses, and may be used to help manage conditions that affect speech, language, eating or swallowing. When choosing an adult speech therapy program, a variety of different settings and treatment options exist depending on diagnosis.

Adult speech therapy helps people gain greater control over speaking and language skills. For many adults, a medical issue such as stroke, or onset of motor-skill affecting conditions like Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis. Brain injury and accidents that cause damage to the throat, jaw, or facial structure can also impair speaking ability. Other people may require speech therapy due to mental difficulties which affect comprehension of language or the ability to speak intelligibly.

Finding a speech therapist is often done through recommendations from a primary care doctor. After an injury, accident, or stroke, a doctor may suggest adult speech therapy to help language and speaking skills improve or to help a patient better cope with the language disabilities caused by his or her condition. A speech therapist can give a more focused diagnosis of language-based issues, and be able to create a personalized program to improve skills.


Diagnosis of a speech or language disability is done through a variety of tests, both mental and physical. If the problem is not physical in nature, the patient may be assessed for language comprehension and retention skills. Once the specific underlying cause is identified, treatment programs to help the patient can begin.

Treatment done in speech therapy for adults may be done in many different ways, as best fits the need of the patient. Some people receiving adult speech therapy have group classes focusing on comprehension and pronunciation, similar to those taken when learning a foreign language. Depending on the nature of the condition, exercises for muscular improvement and homework may also become a part of the program. Some speech therapists even make house calls, particularly for patients that are bedridden or in hospital treatment.

While adult speech therapy may not be able to cure all speech or language disabilities, it can go a long way to giving adults confidence and focused training. Some patients may see a great improvement and even full recovery of all skills, while others may have to work hard to achieve every bit of increased ability. Struggling to communicate clearly can be greatly frustrating, yet some people may find speech therapy embarrassing or even shameful. A trained speech pathologist should soon be able to put worries to rest, and help to improve the quality of language, and life, for many patients.


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Post 4

I have been stuttering since the age of 11. I'm 30 years old now and have just taken a job as an instructor, so i really need to stop the stuttering within the next two weeks. any tips will help. it only happens when I get exited or nervous and when i switch from one language to the next.

Post 3

SauteePan- Aphasia speech therapy really requires the use of pictures as cues because people with this condition have lost their speech and language capabilities so a lot of visual stimulation is important in order to restore their communication abilities.

Jobs in speech therapy like this really are rewarding because usually the patients are so grateful for the help and when they overcome their disability they are so happy. Usually a speech therapist forms a tight bond with these patients because the therapy is so lengthy.

Post 2

Moldova-I have seen some speech therapy online that looks promising. It is really ideal because you do not have to leave your home or feel embarrassed about your condition, even though it happens and it is nothing to feel embarrassed about.

I know Video Voice is a software program that teaches speech therapy through the program and actually offers cues as to what to do next.

It guides you along the process so that you do not feel lost. This speech therapy software offers a 30 day trial, but as expensive as speech therapy is it is worth a look.

It is supposed to offer positive reinforcement that encourages you to continue. There are also reports that let you know how you are progressing.

Post 1

Speech therapy for adults is usually the result of a car accident, a stroke or illness that caused the speech disorder.

Sometimes the condition is caused by a disease that developed over time or a stuttering or articulation problem that was never addressed.

The articulation speech therapy for adults is similar to pediatric speech therapy. There is instruction of how to place the tongue during the pronunciation of certain words along with a repetition of the target sound.

Usually the introductory speech therapy for adults includes words with one syllable, once the adult becomes used to the speech activities then two or three syllable words are introduced until the sound is mastered.

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