What is Acupuncture Software?

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Acupuncture software refers to any of a group of computer programs designed for acupuncture practitioners. An acupuncturist uses the program to regulate the use of acupuncture, a practice used to treat illness or infertility that involves the insertion of thin needles at several points on the body. In addition to practicing acupuncturists, the software can also be used by students who wish to learn the basics of Chinese acupuncture.

Taomedic Software International is a company that offers acupuncture software, herbal software and an accompanying e-book. The acupuncture software features the basics of traditional acupuncture for those who are just learning. It also comes with a decision support system to help users understand when it is best to use acupuncture versus herbs. The e-book provides instruction on diagnosis and acupuncture theories.

Ace: Acupuncture Expert is a type of software that relies on the use of advanced computer systems to keep acupuncture schedules organized. This program allows the acupuncturist to keep notes on individual patients, monitor patients’ medical history and reactions to acupuncture, bill patients and generate paperwork. Within this program, ClientTracker is the feature that allows for such detailed client notes.


Qpuncture, Inc. is another company that makes acupuncture software. It focuses on teaching so that users have a thorough grasp of the benefits and uses of acupuncture. QChart is another type of software that comes with a full database. A large emphasis is placed on charts, and this is how client information is organized. QChart also comes with a built-in diagnosis system.

AcuHerb TreatSoft contains medical information that an acupuncturist would likely have learned in acupuncture school. It is still a good idea to have this program around the acupuncture clinic because it can be easy to forget all the ins and outs of acupuncture. It includes instruction on acupuncture points, herbs and diagnostic methods. There is a separate database for herbs that can be used as desired. A system built into the acupuncture software suggests specific acupuncture points based on the patient’s illness, and this software also includes symptoms, diseases, prescriptions and illustrations.

Interactive Acupuncture Assistant Pro is a user-friendly acupuncture software that includes practical functions for both managing daily acupuncture treatment and maintaining a business. An expandable database that is easy to search for acupuncture points, patient charts, and diagnosis and treatment descriptions is included. Additionally, appointment books, insurance billing, receipts, invoices and bookkeeping are all taken care of with Interactive Acupuncture Assistant Pro.


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