What Is Accent Furniture?

Sheri Cyprus

Accent furniture complements the main pieces in a room to create a finished decor. Typically, accent pieces are much smaller in size than a room's main furniture. Tables and chairs are the most common types of accent furniture, although stools, benches and entryway items are also popularly used to accessorize main furnishings.

A modern bedroom require modern accent furniture.
A modern bedroom require modern accent furniture.

A chest of drawers in an entryway or hallway, or even when used in a bedroom, can be considered an accent piece of furniture. In a bedroom, the dresser often coordinates with the bed in the same material, color and style in order to accent it. Night tables, which typically are placed on either side at the head of a bed, are other popular pieces of bedroom accent furniture. In hallways or entryways, a dresser unit can often accent an otherwise empty space to make the home look more lived in. Providing storage for hats, gloves and miscellaneous items is a useful purpose for this type of accent furniture.

An ottoman coffee table is an example of a piece of accent furniture.
An ottoman coffee table is an example of a piece of accent furniture.

In some entryways, especially smaller ones, a small table may replace a larger dresser. It could hold a vase of flowers to greet guests or include one or two decorative items such as an attractive bowl or dish for keys. A decorative chair or small bench are other kinds of accent furniture for an entryway. Some benches designed for entrances have a lift-up seat to allow for storage so the area can be less cluttered.

Small footstools are often used to accent upholstered chairs in living rooms or dens. They take the place of larger ottomans and may be wood or feature a padded surface. Most living rooms and dens feature accessory chairs and occasional tables. These pieces are considered to be accent furniture as they're typically added to a room after the main seating piece such as a sofa as well as the coffee table are chosen.

A piece of accessory furniture may be of any material, such as wood, metal, upholstery or plastic. It may have storage capabilities or it may not. Accent furniture may be sold in a set such as a pair of chairs or three nesting side tables. It may also be available in separate pieces to combine in unique ways with other accessory furniture to enhance a room's main furnishings. Accent pieces of furniture may be in any style such as modern, traditional or country.

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