What Is Acacia Honey?

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Acacia honey is a mild type of honey that comes from the black locust, or false Acacia, plant. When cooking with honey, acacia is a popular choice due to its ability to retain its liquid quality for a lengthy period of time. The rich fluid is light yellow in color, though it may also be nearly clear.

Some say that acacia honey has vanilla notes, and honey tasters often delight in the floral flavors present in the product as well. The honey is light enough to dress anything from toast to tea, while still providing enough punch to be used in any cooking projects requiring baking with honey. The honey's slowness to solidify is due to its low acid content and high fructose concentration.

Culinary uses of acacia honey vary widely. It is considered a particularly good honey for children due to its mild nature. In addition to flavoring baked goods, beverages, and both sweet and savory dishes, many like to serve this honey with various cheeses, such as ricotta, as an appetizer or snack.

Honey from the false acacia is considered an affordable product, usually costing the same as local honey. The honey's origin is primarily in Europe and North America, though it can also be produced in China. Most acacia honey is produced in Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary. The honey is typically sold with a chunk of honeycomb in its jar for aesthetic appeal.


This honey is one of several monofloral honey products known for their single plant species origins. Since these types of honey all come from the same plant, they are usually quite similar in appearance and flavor. These honeys are highly valued, and often sold as gourmet products.

Many commercial products also contain acacia honey. One of the most common acacia honey products on the market is the sports drink. Some nutritionists advise substituting this honey mixed with water for a more cost effective hydration solution that provides health benefits without added colors or other ingredients.

Medicinal values for acacia honey are wide-ranging, according to many herbalists and naturopathic practitioners. Some claim it is a helpful healing agent, and that it may help with weight loss as well. Like other honeys, it may be used as an antibacterial agent.

Like other types of honey, acacia can be used in beauty products as well. It is known as a productive aid to clarifying the complexion. It can be used to make a sweet homemade lip balm, too.


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