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Zoombak™ products utilize global positioning systems (GPS) technology. This technology was developed by the U.S. Department of Defense and works by transmitting signals sent from satellites orbiting the earth to individual GPS receivers. These signals can identify the exact location of the GPS receiver giving the user the power to locate someone, or something, by real time tracking of its whereabouts. Zoombak™ is the brand name for GPS receivers designed to protect dogs, people and vehicles from being lost or stolen.

The receivers used by Zoombak™ are small, black, rectangular boxes. The ones designed for dogs come with a collar attachment so the animal can wear it around its neck. Another model offers a mount to permanently attach the box to a vehicle. It can also be left unmounted and carried in a pocket or bag. They are powered by rechargeable batteries and are water resistant.

The devices can be purchased from the website or a variety of retail outlets. In addition, both pet stores and electronic stores carry them. Once activated, a monthly fee is charged for the service.

Accounts are activated by logging on to the Zoombak™ company website and selecting a “personal safety zone.” This is a designated geographical area where the device can move about freely without triggering any alarm or alert. It is a virtual boundary selected by the individual user. Each user may have up to 20 of these zones and they can be changed at any time. Designating time frames for when each zone should be active is also an option.

Once a device leaves the parameters of a designated safe zone, the system triggers an alert. Zoombak™ sends these alerts to the user by text message and email. When an alert is received, the client can log onto the website or call customer service to track their lost family member, pet, or vehicle. Website tracking offers a real time display of the movement of the GPS on a map. Information about the closest street address to the missing device is also provided.

Zoombak™ updates locations changes of a device on alert every five minutes for up to two hours. This time frame can be extended to six hours if requested by the client. There is also an option of receiving alerts from a live customer service agent. These agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Zoombak™ system relies on satellite signals and wireless network coverage areas. Because of this, dead zones can exist where tracking information is not available. The inside of some buildings are not conducive to the sending and receiving of satellite signals and may affect the ability of the system to pinpoint a device location.

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