What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

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A zero gravity chair is a highly adjustable chair that is designed to support the human body extremely well, creating a sense of weightlessness and comfort. Several furniture manufacturers produce gravity chairs in an array of styles and prices, and these chairs are often featured in furniture show rooms for people who want to test them out. As with other pieces of ergonomic and specially designed furniture, it must be carefully adjusted to be effective, and it is possible for the chair to be poorly adjusted, resulting in discomfort to the sitter.

Most zero gravity chairs are designed to be set in a variety of positions. Users can recline at several angles, sit upright to work, or even lean forward to focus on various projects. In all of these positions, the settings of the chair are intended to support the weight of the body, reducing pressure on the spine and ribcage and keeping the sitter in a state of comfort. By reducing pressure on the body, the chair can also be helpful for people with back pain or other physical discomfort.


Many companies say that their chairs can be used in the workplace or studio, serving both as functioning work chairs and recliners. For people who work in office environments, a zero gravity chair can be a helpful reminder to relax periodically, allowing the eyes and brain to adjust from focused work while the body unwinds. It can also, of course, be used exclusively as a lounge chair, or it may be installed in a living room for the comfort of guests and residents of a house.

As a general rule, a zero gravity chair features several movable parts that can be adjusted with levers or knobs, and many have locks or memory settings to ensure that the settings of the user are not lost. Because the best use of the chair is customized, some users are reluctant to let other people use their chairs, as they want to preserve their personalized settings. These chairs are typically upholstered for comfort, and they may also have wooden fittings like armrests and legs for aesthetics.

According to Stokke, a well known manufacturer of zero gravity chairs, people who have had back surgery may want to consult a medical professional before purchasing such a chair. As with other ergonomic products, it is also important for people to integrate other ergonomic lifestyle choices into their lives to ensure that the benefits of the chair are not canceled out by other bad habits.


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Post 7

@orangey03: Sure there is. Those low end zero gravity chairs are more often built mostly for outdoors. Extra expensive chairs like those from Human Touch or Osaki are built strictly for indoors. You can get outdoor zero gravity chair for even under 100 bucks, but there are many within that $100 - $200 range.

Post 6

I bought a couple of zero gravity lounge chairs because I didn't have enough seats for my husband's family when they came to stay with us. They fell in love with the chairs, and now no one else in the house is getting a chance to use them!

These chairs have become my favorite places to sit. I look forward to using them when the relatives leave.

Post 5

@orangey03 – I have an outdoor zero gravity folding chair that is so relaxing. I got it on sale at a garden center near the end of summer for only $20. They normally cost twice that much.

The chair is made of what looks and feels like blue trampoline material. It's very supportive, but it isn't too stiff.

You can lean so far back that you feel like you are surely going to tip over, but you won't fall. I have fallen asleep in my zero gravity chair several times, because it is just that comfortable.

The only complaint I have about it is that it is very heavy. I guess that if this is the only drawback, I can deal with it, though.

Post 4

Is it possible to find an outdoor zero gravity chair? I don't have enough space in my cubicle for an office chair like this, but I would love to feel weightless in my own yard at the end of a hard day.

Post 3

The zero gravity reclining chairs that I've seen have all been in offices of people who are in upper management. I think only the important people get chairs this awesome!

The chairs actually look like they could defy gravity. The bases and arm rests are thin and simple, yet they somehow hold you up in the air.

Post 2

Sunny27- I agree those chairs are terrific. The lumbar support is amazing. These chairs not only relax you, but they even lower your blood pressure. I would love to have one, but the chairs range in price from $350 to over $2,000.

Post 1

Great Article- I just want to say that the retailer Relax the Back has a whole section of zero-gravity chairs. They have recliners and office chairs.

Their least expensive chair looks like an outdoor recliner but it is lightweight enough to move it around the house. It’s called the Futura Clipper Zero Gravity Recliner. The chair can be customized to your preferences and it holds a maximum weight of 330 lbs.

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