What is a Xanax&Reg; Pill?

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A Xanax® pill is a single dose of medication used to fight anxiety and some panic disorders. Pills are typically white, blue or pink in color and come in dose sizes varying between .25 and two milligrams. Xanax® is a prescription medication that should only be taken under medical supervision.

Panic and anxiety disorders can be serious conditions that lead to the disruption of a patient's everyday life. People with anxiety issues may suffer from high blood pressure, panic attacks, and other symptoms associated with high levels of psychological stress. Some people seeking treatment for these conditions are sometimes given a Xanax® prescription to help them overcome anxiety-related issues.

Taking a Xanax® pill may cause some side effects and adverse reactions. Anyone planning to take a Xanax® pill should read all accompanying safety information before consuming. Be sure to inform both the prescribing doctor and pharmacist if any other medications or drugs are currently being used. Common side effects include dizziness, vertigo, appetite or libido changes, and slurred speech.

A Xanax® pill can also spark an allergic reaction in some patients. If swelling or hives occur, experts recommend discontinuing use and contacting a doctor. If any shortness of breath is present, medical attention should be sought immediately.


There are various studies that strongly suggest that Xanax® can have addictive properties with extensive use. Long term use can lead to reduced capability of the body to naturally activate anxiety-fighting receptors without use of the drug. Chemical dependency on the drug and severe withdrawal symptoms when use is discontinued are not unusual. Most experts recommend a gradual reduction in dosage to lower withdrawal responses.

People with some pre-existing or developing medical conditions should consult a doctor before taking a Xanax® pill. Patients with glaucoma, pregnant or nursing women, and people with respiratory ailments may want to discuss other treatment options with their health care provider. Some studies also show that combining the drug with alcohol can cause an adverse reaction or impair motor skills.

A Xanax® pill should only be taken if it is purchased from a licensed pharmacist with a prescription from a well-informed doctor. It is possible to obtain pills from illegal sources, but remember that these drugs are not subject to quality control and may be counterfeit or even poisonous. As the drug is a controlled substance in many countries, purchasing a Xanax® pill from an unlicensed source may also lead to legal consequences.


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Post 2

@calabama71: Unfortunately, you are correct. I worked as a paramedic for many years. One call that I will never forget was on a young, teenage girl who had overdosed. She and her friends were “recreationally” taking the Xanax bars. She had never taken them before and she had a very adverse reaction.

After many days in the hospital, she was finally well enough to go home.

Xanax is a very effective medication when used properly.

Post 1

As the article stated, Xanax is known to have addictive properties. I read an article in a magazine in the doctor’s office last week that stated that Xanax is one of the most abused prescriptions, second to hydrocodone.

Many people have been treated, according to the article, in rehab facilities due to addictions to Xanax. It should definitely be used with caution. Sadly, it can be bought almost as easily as it can be prescribed. There have been many reported teenage overdoses due to Xanax and what are known as Xanax bars.

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