What is a Wrist Lanyard?

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A lanyard is a cord made of a variety of materials that is most often seen as worn around people’s necks. The wrist lanyard is a variation of this, and is worn around the wrist. Lanyards are frequently used to carry things, via a small metal attachment on them, and what they carry could vary from electronic devices to a coach’s whistle. A variety of wrist lanyard types are available and they may be sold for a specific purpose or adapted to carry a number of different things.

Types of material in which the wrist lanyard may be made can vary. Sometimes they are made of coiled plastic, and many other times, nylon cord is used. Very simple styles might just be made of different types of soft but sturdy rope. Most neck and wrist lanyard styles feature some form of attachment piece, usually in metal, that can fit onto another device. They can make it easy to hold something close by without actually having to hold it.

Certainly reasons a person might wear a wrist lanyard are varied. In stores where varied cash register applications require a key, this could be placed on a wristband to keep the key easily accessible. A number of lanyards can hold electronic organizers, cellphones, or MP3 players. One note on holding electronic devices is people must not forget they have them on; it’s easy to bang a hand down and damage electronics.


Less conventional uses of the wrist lanyard might include it being worn to display a Medical Alert badge. Men, in particular, may prefer carrying such a notice on a lanyard than they would on any form of metal bracelet. These wrist wraps are definitely gender neutral, and they can be purchased in numerous colors. One form of this device that may certainly evoke a little envy from others who don’t have it is the attachment worn around the wrist with Nintendo Wii® basic controllers. This is a variation of other types of wrist straps since it cannot be detached from the controller.

When selecting wrist lanyards, there are a number of places to look for variety. Plenty of online shops sell these handy wrist straps. People can also find them in many locations close by, often sold with items they might carry, such as in key shops, sports shops or electronics stores. They may be purchased in bulk too, greatly reducing price. Some things to look for when shopping include good fit, comfortable feel around the wrist, no fabrics or metals that are likely to irritate, and suitability to attaching whatever device needs to be worn.


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