What Is a Wreath Fundraiser?

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A wreath fundraiser is an event put on by a business or organization, usually to benefit some sort of non-profit cause or group, in which volunteers will sell Christmas wreaths and collect funds toward that cause. The wreaths may be made by volunteers, or they may be purchased from a wholesaler that makes the wreaths ahead of time, and they will be sold at a set price. Orders can usually be placed ahead of time to make the organization of the wreath fundraiser much easier, though very often the wreaths can be sold onsite with no pre-order necessary.

Sometimes the organizers of the event will choose to hold the wreath fundraiser in a certain location where potential customers are likely to see the products. Wreaths are usually sold only around Christmas time, which means setting up a wreath fundraiser near stores or other retail establishments will expose the fundraiser to potential customers. This means the organizers of the event will need to secure the appropriate permits or permissions to set up near or in retail establishments. Obtaining such permits is not usually a difficult task, but it will take some preparation and planning in conjunction with the establishment hosting the event.


The funds earned at the wreath fundraiser can go to any number of causes, and many customers will buy a wreath simply to support that cause. Non-profit organizations often hold such fundraisers to help support the advancement of the organization or the causes that organization represents. Of course, the fundraising does not have to be for the benefit of a non-profit organization only; some businesses may also hold a fundraiser to help support expansion of services or facilities, though this is less common than non-profit fundraising. Disaster relief is another common cause for a wreath fundraiser, as is supporting a person or people who may have been injured or incapacitated in some sort of accident or event.

The products that are sold at the wreath fundraiser may be donated from various companies, or they may be purchased at a wholesale price so the sellers can make a profit. Sometimes the volunteers who are working the fundraiser will volunteer their time before the date of the fundraiser to make the wreaths themselves. Wreaths are usually made from pine bows, though synthetic materials are often used as well. The wreaths may be decorated with Christmas-style decorations, or with logos or other promotional materials that relate to the cause.


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