What is a Workout Playlist?

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A workout playlist is a collection of music added to a portable MP3 device to be listened to while working out. Many people create workout playlists and add them to their MP3 devices in order to motivate themselves and keep going even when exercise becomes challenging. Some people create their own workout playlist, while others download pre-made ones from the Internet.

Each person's workout playlist may be different. In general, this type of playlist will contain upbeat, energizing music with a fast tempo that can be matched while jogging, running, or doing aerobics. It is best to add music that one personally enjoys; upbeat music will not have any effect on the workout if the person listening to it does not particularly like the music.

Some people create more than one workout playlist so they do not get tired of hearing the same songs over and over again. Some workout playlists may work better for different types of exercises; for instance, one might create a very upbeat playlist for jogging or aerobics but a slightly slower playlist for walking workouts. A workout playlist does not necessarily have to be upbeat; for instance, if one is doing stretching exercises like yoga or Pilates, a calming, mellow playlist is generally the preferred choice.


To create a workout playlist, begin by selecting some favorite songs that provide motivation and have a good beat. Then, try to put them in an appropriate order based on the workout. For instance, the playlist might start slightly slower for warm-up exercises, then increase in tempo during the workout. It might be a good idea to place a favorite song or two near the end in order to stay motivated when one otherwise wants to stop exercising. For those people who prefer not to listen to music during a workout, there are many radio programs that can now be downloaded and added to an MP3 device.

A workout playlist is not necessarily just created for independent workouts. Fitness instructors may create their own workout playlists to play during an aerobics class or a cycling class, or even a yoga class. Music can be a great motivator during exercise, and can be a great way to stay engaged in a workout and to get the most out of it. Remember, if listening to a workout playlist with headphones on outside, stay safe by keeping the music low enough in order to still be able to hear important sounds such as approaching cars or other people speaking.


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