What is a Wireless Presentation Device?

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A wireless presentation device is any device that operates wirelessly and has a main function to aid or assist in giving a presentation. A basic wireless presentation device requires a computer to store the actual presentation. The wireless presentation device itself is merely a peripheral, similar to a mouse, that allows a presenter to control the flow and movement of the presentation from a distance.

This type of device may connect to a computer using one of many different wireless technologies. Most of the time, a wireless presentation device will sync with a computer through a wireless bluetooth connection; however, some devices may sync via local area network (LAN) wireless or USB wireless as well. Using a bluetooth wireless presentation device requires a bluetooth-enabled host computer. A LAN wireless presentation device will connect with a computer through a wireless network, usually the same network that the computer would use to connect to the Internet.


A USB wireless presentation device requires the connection of a wireless receiver into an available USB port on a computer. Often, drivers must also be installed in order for the computer to recognize the device properly. The USB wireless presentation device will then work much like a standard television remote, sending signals back and forth from the remote to the receiver. Most wireless presentation devices have an effective range of 30 to 100 feet (9.14 to 30.48 meters). The range will depend on numerous factors such as the quality of the wireless presentation device, the technology, and the connection type.

Wireless presentation devices are limited in what they can actually do with a presentation. For example, they are usually not able to edit or add specific content to a presentation, nor can they perform other simple tasks such as adding notes to slides. Rather, they are best used to give the presentation itself. Many wireless presentation devices feature a very simple interface consisting of only 4-5 buttons.

Aside from being a navigational device, similar to a mouse, many wireless presentation devices have other external features. For example, most presentation devices have a built-in laser pointer. This allows the presenter to specifically point the audience to distinct positions within a presentation.


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