What is a Wireless Email Device?

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A wireless email device is an electronic gadget or tool that allows a person to access his or her email when a computer is not available. Wireless devices are used daily by business owners, students, and anyone who may find themselves constantly on the run. Not only can users check email from a mobile phone, but some wireless email devices, netbooks, laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile personal computers (PCs) and smartphones are capable of doing much more, such as editing documents, playing digital music, and playing videos.

Depending on the wireless email device, the features available can vary. Some only provide email access, while other devices allow users to download and edit documents, connect to a PC via a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, and listen to music. Features of wireless email devices can include touchscreens, keyboards, and stylus-controlled applications.

There can be numerous advantages for using a wireless email device. The ability to check email while a person is on the move typically tops the list. Disadvantages to owning a wireless email device typically delve into the charges applied to the end user.


For users who can access email via a mobile phone, they should expect to sign into a data plan in addition to the cell phone plan. Another disadvantage could be the use of a small screen. Although these small screens generally have an attractive and sleek interface, the ability of reading and composing emails on the small screen could create eyestrain and headaches.


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Post 2

With the popularity of the smartphones, I read my email when I am on the run on my phone. Because I am not home very much, having the ability to read my email on my cell phone is a big advantage.

If I had to rely on just my PC from home to keep up to date with my emails, it would be quite a chore every day. By being able to check my email several times through the day on my phone, I can be sure I don't miss anything important and don't have as many to go through at once.

Post 1

When I first began using my wireless email device I was so excited to have this feature and found that I used it quite a bit. As time went on, I didn't seem to use it as much. This may be because email is not the main way I communicate any more.

I think having the access to mobile email is a great concept and can be a big help in many situations. It is great for quick, up to date emails, but for longer documents I like looking at a bigger screen. For me, it seems like I rely less on email and more on twitter and facebook.

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