What is a Wireless Alarm Dialer?

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A wireless alarm dialer is programmed to contact any saved telephone numbers, via a cellular signal, in the event that the home security system is triggered. Devices can store multiple numbers, including cell phones and office numbers, and contact them with a voice or numeric message. Homeowners can program the system to contact them if an intruder enters the house, or if their children are merely arriving home.

Auto dialing devices typically require a land telephone line to operate. The machine is connected to a standard telephone jack and wired to the home security system. The auto dialer then uses the line to dial out, similar to placing an outbound call. A wireless alarm dialer is useful for homes that do not use a land telephone line, or as an emergency back-up in case the land lines are down or have been cut. These systems can use a local cellular tower to place the call and contact any emergency stored numbers.


A wireless alarm dialer can be added to virtually any security or sensor detection system, and can typically be installed by the homeowner. Consumers may first wish to read the model specifications on the device they are purchasing to guarantee the two units will work together. They should also check the power voltage requirements for the unit, which can determine whether the model is compatible with the existing alarm system and electricity provisions of the home. Some units are also equipped to revert to a backup battery supply in the event of a power failure.

Each device can be programmed to broadcast a pre-recorded voice message or a numeric pager message. If a phone is busy or out of service when the system attempts to call, the wireless alarm dialer can be set to continue calling until the line picks up the message. It can also be programmed to move on to the next phone number, depending on the reason for the call, so that emergency situations and home invasions can be attended to immediately.

Some wireless alarm dialer devices feature a two way communication system. Using a built in speaker, the person in the home who has activated the system can communicate with the dialed individual on the other end of the line. This is beneficial for elderly and handicapped individuals who may be able to set off the home alarm system in the event of an emergency easier than they could dial a telephone for help. Systems that have been installed in such homes can also be equipped with remotes that include a panic button.


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