What Is a Wire Threader?

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A wire threader is a handheld device that is used to thread thin wires through tied harness assemblies. The device is lightweight and can be very helpful in threading new wiring into an assembly when and as there is a need to replace a section of wire that is severed or damaged in some manner. The threader is commonly used in a number of manufacturing situations, making it possible to replace wires in a short period of time and keep the amount of machine downtime to a minimum.

The typical wire threader is configured with a wider end that resembles the bowl on a spoon. The body of the threader gradually tapers to a point that is used as a guide for the insertion of the new wire. As a result of the design, it is possible to insert and move new wires through an existing assembly without the need to dismantle the wiring section. The process also works with any retrofitting required with the assembly, allowing the repairs to be managed quickly and efficiently.


Using a wire threader is a relatively simple task. The wider end of the device provides an easy way to establish a secure grip, while the narrow end can easily be used to work the wire forward into an assembly. Since the tool only requires one hand to manage the task, it is possible to use the other hand to gently hold the wire in position or to direct a flashlight beam directly on the assembly if necessary. Thanks to the simplicity of the basic design, learning how to work different types of threaders like the bear claw threader can be managed in a short period of time.

Professional use of the wire threader is common in a number of business settings. Electronics firms make common use of the device when assembling components for different types of appliances. Textile and other types of manufacturers often include this simple device as part of the tools issued to maintenance personnel charged with the task of repairing production machinery. Professional electricians are also likely to keep threaders of different sizes on hand for various types of wiring projects, including the replacement of wiring on different types of pumps.

Manufacturing suppliers as well as electrical supply companies typically offer several different types and sizes of the threaders, providing price discounts for bulk orders. While the stainless steel used to construct the body of the wire threader makes the tool durable, constant use will dull the tip. When and as necessary, the threader can be replaced with relative ease, allowing workers and others continue threading new wires into tied harnesses with ease.


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