What Is a Wire Basket?

Sheri Cyprus

A wire basket is a container made using an openwork pattern of metal. An alternative to a wicker or plastic basket, wire baskets can be used in the same way, such as to organize and store items in the home. These baskets may also be found in grocery stores rather than the plastic types of shopping baskets.

Wire baskets can be re-purposed as garage storage containers.
Wire baskets can be re-purposed as garage storage containers.

Wire shopping baskets work well for storing all types of items. They can often be hung on walls to create a wall of storage possibilities such as in a garage. Wire baskets can look more sophisticated and organic than plastic storage bins. Like a see-through plastic container, a basket made from wire allows you to see at a glance what is stored inside.

Rags may be stored in a wire basket.
Rags may be stored in a wire basket.

Unlike plastic storage containers, wire baskets don't usually have lids. This makes a wire storage basket ideal for items that are frequently used, such as sports equipment kept in in a garage. Another great use for a basket with handles is as a cleaning caddy. It can hold cleaners and rags and be carried room to room as needed. Because a wire basket allows air to circulate through it, slightly damp cleaning rags may be spread out in it to dry.

There are many other styles and shapes of these baskets besides the rectangular type with handles. For example, a wire basket may be round, oval or square in shape just like many wicker baskets. Some baskets, such as bowl-shaped ones made from black metal, are used mostly for decoration and may make interesting accent pieces for the home. Cutlery trays made from the material tend to give a silverware drawer a more sophisticated look than the plastic type of cutlery tray.

Another kind of wire basket is the one that can be attached to a bicycle to allow the cyclist to transport a few items. Most baskets designed for bicycles are made to be attached to the front of the bike near the handlebars using a screwdriver and/or wrench. A bicycle basket usually fits into a bracket with screws and/or clamps used to secure the bracketed basket to the bike.

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