What is a WIPO Trademark?

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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a conglomerate of partner nations throughout the world, and a trademark that is registered with the organization is known as a WIPO trademark. The purpose of this international trademark is to protect intellectual property on a global level. Owners of intellectual property need to file only a single application to have the trademark register in more than 80 nations.

WIPO came into existence in 1967 and is an offshoot of the United Nations. The foundation of the WIPO trademark is to provide a platform from which member nations agree to accept one registration on intellectual property that can be internationally used. Prior to the organization's development, owners of intellectual property were required to register a trademark in every nation in which they wished to protect their property. Holding an WIPO trademark does not preclude property owners from also filing in individual countries where they feel they are at the most risk for infringement.

User friendliness is one of the hallmarks of the WIPO trademark. The application can be seen in English, Spanish and French and provides substantial cost savings when compared to filing in several individual countries. A WIPO trademark is designed to bridge the gap between member nations and encourage globalization. If a trademark violation is discovered, WIPO provides guidance about steps to take to get the issue resolved. Since its inception, nations have continued to globally recognized registration of trademarks.


Advertising is one example of the intellectual properties that the WIPO trademark is designed to protect. Ad slogans as well as sounds are easily stolen and used, but the WIPO trademark protects such theft on an international level. In addition, the names of products as well as business names fall under trademark protection when a WIPO application is completed. Package designs are also protected by trademark laws. It is not difficult for a company in another country to view a package online and take the idea as its own, but if the idea was protected by a registered WIPO trademark, there would be a legal recourse.

Applying for the trademark is a straightforward process. Property owners can check with the organization to be sure that they reside in a member nation. The costs to register a trademark vary and are dependent on whether the property in question has any color. After the trademark is approved, new fees and a refiling are not needed for 10 years.


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