What is a Winter Texan?

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Winter Texans are individuals who choose to relocate to the state of Texas for the winter months. In the past, these wintertime residents were usually elderly people with the resources to own two homes in different parts of the United States. As winter becomes spring, the average Winter Texan prepares to leave Texas and return to his or her permanent resident in another state.

A Winter Texan is likely to spend every season other than winter in a state where summers are more temperate, and move to Texas in order to avoid winters that are sometimes harsh and unpleasant. For many retired people who now have the time and financial stability to do so, migrating to Texas during colder weather simply makes sense. This allows the retirees to continue enjoying the northern home they’ve owned for years, but also have the opportunity to enjoy a winter free from shoveling snow or dealing with extremely high heating bills.

Since the main purpose is to establish a winter residence where snow and ice are less common, the Winter Texan will often choose to settle in the southern section of the state. Areas such as the Rio Grande Valley and cities like San Antonio are often ideal locations. In recent years, cities near the coastline, such as Port Arthur, have also emerged as viable places to establish a winter home.


In addition to the opportunity to enjoy a milder climate during the winter months, the average Winter Texan often finds the change in culture, landscape, and the eclectic social options that come with living in an area with a large and varied Winter Texan population. The combination of fresh sights, sounds, and people are often just as important as getting away from the ice and snow.

It is not unusual for a Winter Texan to eventually become so comfortable with the winter home to make a permanent move to the state. At times, the move has an economic factor as well as feeling at home in Texas. Many parts of Texas enjoy a lower cost of living than other areas of the United States, making it possible to obtain more benefit from retirement pensions and savings.

As is true in several other states that see an influx of winter residents from the months of October to March, there are permanent residents that welcome Winter Texans to the state. Often, a Winter Texan not only means a new face in the community, but also a boost to the local economy. However, others are less welcoming and often cite the inconveniences of increased traffic or the added competition for part time jobs. Still, many communities do not just welcome the Winter Texans; they proactively seek to promote their cities and towns to attract these winter time residents.


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